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Distributed data centers the new network end-point

Data centers are built in large volumes to reduce cost and increase performance. In the past it was a game of maximizing the amount of computing per power equivalent in order to drive down costs. We have seen different strategies to increase performance for transaction-sensitive applications. But now we are at the beginning of a […]

Get ready for the third great network leap in the third millennium

Four reasons chip implants aren’t mainstream

Implantable NFC chips have been on sale in US and European markets for four or five years, but we don’t have cyborgs walking the streets of our cities. Why not?

Adults adopt action cameras – they’re not just for kids anymore

The role of classic cameras has been taken over by smartphones. This means that the camera category getting most of the attention is action cameras. For the younger generation, this is nothing new – they are onboard. But are you ready to embrace a creative journey with multiple action cameras, new mounting options […]

Ericsson Industry Watch

Streaming disruption: what next for transformed music industry?

I really love music, and I have had the privilege of growing up during some of the most interesting times in music industry history.

Is the Networked Society ready for the connected person?

I’m a connected man, living with an NFC chip in my body: a small device implanted into my left hand between the thumb and the forefinger.

Dad! My drone is stuck on the roof. Again

The first drone summer is here, with drones taking to the air in large volumes. With this development we will see a number of new phenomena – a kind of digital transformation of previously analog problems. And much of this transition will involve moving drones on and off the roof.

The Networked Society will not work without an automation framework

In a previous post, I talked about where medical research might connect with what we are trying to achieve in the Networked Society. And even if the connection between Knowledge Management and weak central coherence theory might have been far-fetched, it is only just the start. To take these ideas forward, in our world, we […]

Why my home alarm is not about security

What does open source software have in common with ice hotels?

Open source software is one of the key building blocks of data centers. It is a vital enabler for the transition to open ecosystems as carriers modernize their networks. But many struggle to get their arms around the real value of open source and if its “free” brand is the key to reducing systems cost. […]