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Capture cloud conversations – how to become familiar with cloud geek speak

But as cloud takes a more prominent role in network evolution, you will be exposed to a new set of terminologies and abbreviations. Here are a few you might want to master this year:

The blue sky rule

My boys are growing up. At age 11, I don’t get to kiss them goodnight or goodbye when I send them off to school anymore (they give me the tops of their heads). But there’s one way I know I can get affection, and it’s thanks to the Networked Society.

Disconnected vacation

Many times when I talk about the Networked Society at the Ericsson Studio I ask the audience if they are ready to switch off the data connection for one week on their phone. Over the years, very few have shown they are ready to do that.

Want to be a cyborg? It’s time to think about becoming unique

Why innovation still scores poorly in Europe

Every year, Eurostat publishes country figures for annual spending in R&D and innovation across the EU. For some countries (Italy, Netherlands, and Luxemburg) there is good news: innovation efforts have soared compared with the EU average. Others, on the other hand, need to worry.

Who is real hero in storage ‘race to zero’?

Sports sensors stop subjective statistics

Many sports are today dependent on subjective judgments rather than objective measures. This could soon be history as sensor technologies get endorsed and approved.

5 big trends that will drive user experience in the Networked Society

EU Digital Agenda is user-centric

Distributed data centers the new network end-point

Data centers are built in large volumes to reduce cost and increase performance. In the past it was a game of maximizing the amount of computing per power equivalent in order to drive down costs. We have seen different strategies to increase performance for transaction-sensitive applications. But now we are at the beginning of a […]