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Buses of Curitiba – how technology is leading change

On Tuesday, Ericsson and Vivo were recognized for leveraging technology to mitigate climate change by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) for the connected bus project in Curitiba, Brazil. It was an important recognition of the way technology can transform the way we live. Continue reading

Ericsson at COP 17: presenting the power of broadband

At the very heart of the response to climate change lies the need to reduce carbon emissions. Ericsson is at The United Nations Climate Change conference (COP 17/CMP 7) now on in Durban, South Africa, presenting the transformational power of broadband infrastructure to address these issues.   Continue reading

KA-POW! It’s the Internet of Things comic book

Enabling anything that can be connected to be connected, the Internet of Things is the hero of this story. Continue reading

Internet of Things: the hype begins

This year Gartner added the Internet of Things to their hype curve, along with other hyped words such as ‘big data’, ‘gamification’ and ‘customization’. Continue reading

Redefining learning in the Networked Society

Our world is built with help of technology. We have always worked to develop and improve our societies and our lives through technology. We have invented fantastic things such as the plow, steam engine, the printing press, electrical light, antibiotics, fine arts, music and football….just to name a few. Continue reading

Connected commuting in Silicon Valley

Commuting is just one issue that the cities of the future will face.  But it is also an important one. How can we make the commute faster, better and more enjoyable? Continue reading

Is your city on the Networked Society map?

The second edition of the Networked Society city index was released on Wednesday – and I was proud to see Stockholm, my hometown, on it. Continue reading

AR and the future of shopping

With Augmented Reality (AR), Christmas shopping in the future just might become more interesting. For some shoppers in the UK, it already is. Continue reading

Everyday apps keep us in the cloud

ConsumerLab studies show that smartphone users are spending a considerable amount of time on using ‘everyday’ apps and, in the process, integrating internet use into a more mundane level of their lives than ever before. Continue reading

How close are you and your phone?

People tend to have a very intimate relationship with their phones, particularly their smartphones. It’s the first thing a lot of us touch when we wake up in the morning and the last thing we look at before we go to sleep at night. Continue reading