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Is your city on the Networked Society map?

The second edition of the Networked Society city index was released on Wednesday – and I was proud to see Stockholm, my hometown, on it. Continue reading

AR and the future of shopping

With Augmented Reality (AR), Christmas shopping in the future just might become more interesting. For some shoppers in the UK, it already is. Continue reading

Everyday apps keep us in the cloud

ConsumerLab studies show that smartphone users are spending a considerable amount of time on using ‘everyday’ apps and, in the process, integrating internet use into a more mundane level of their lives than ever before. Continue reading

How close are you and your phone?

People tend to have a very intimate relationship with their phones, particularly their smartphones. It’s the first thing a lot of us touch when we wake up in the morning and the last thing we look at before we go to sleep at night. Continue reading

Operators take on Social TV at the Monaco Media Forum

TV is becoming increasingly social with a range of applications now available to consumers. Seeing Orange TV Check, an over-the-top service, presented by Patrice Slupowski from Orange at the Monaco Media Forum last week was really intersting in light of recent developments. Continue reading

‘Worlds collide’ at Monaco Media Forum

Last week I attended the Monaco Media Forum, an annual event that brings together leaders from media industry. Giants such as Google and Turner Broadcasting Systems, along with hot startups such as Soundcloud and Readmill, were there discussing leadership in the digital media revolution. Continue reading

Barriers that fall and a triple-win

The NEST Forum has wrapped up in Hong Kong. The looming question is now: What has the gathering accomplished?  Did the global debate move anywhere toward bringing learning to everyone, everywhere?

Continue reading

Teachers or self-teaching?

There was a heated moment today during NEST- The Networked Society Forum – when science and a social media advocate went head-to-head on the topic of teachers in education.

Continue reading

Digital natives, ICT and the future of education

Simply through their everyday habits, today’s digital natives will help bring about reforms in education. The rest of us must adopt a new mindset to make it happen sooner rather than later. Continue reading

Inaugural Networked Society Forum brings learning to forefront

In our world today, some gaps are so wide and unjust that it’s hard to know where to begin to fix them.  I think that one such case is the great divide between who gets to go to school and who doesn’t. Continue reading