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Investing in broadband, investing in the future

I already firmly believe in the benefits being connected can have for people, business and society. And it seems that more and more people are seeing the benefits of connectivity through broadband too. Continue reading

On society and the concept of time

The debate remains as to exactly how societies have developed and changed over time. One common argument is that in many parts of the world, societies have gone from being agricultural societies to industrial societies into information societies – which is now the bridge to the Networked Society. Continue reading

Diamond Anniversary for Nordic Mobile Network

Ericsson and TeliaSonera marked the 30th anniversary of NMT – Nordic Mobile Telephony Thursday in Stockholm.  At a small gathering for media followed by a nostalgic mingle for “pioneers old and new,” memories came alive.  Touching, especially because many of the ambitions for the innovative network are ones we still talk about coming into the Networked Society. Continue reading

Social TV takes its first steps

It’s not going to be big – it’s going to be huge. That’s what Ynon Kreiz, CEO of the Endemol Group, thought about Social TV when he told the audience at the Digital Life Design (DLD) conference back in January 2011 to leave the room and to start working on the future of TV right away. And it seems that some of them have. Continue reading

Facebook stereotypes: which type are you?

To continue where I left off yesterday, we also asked the participants of a ConsumerLab study among Swedish teenagers to describe different Facebook personalities. Here’s what we found. Continue reading

Social manners in the era of Facebook

You are probably a Facebook member and have heard about all the changes the platform announced last week. But have you reflected about how new rules and manners are developing as the service matures? According to a recent study conducted by ConsumerLab among Swedish teenagers, a rulebook for Facebook is crucial. Continue reading

Idea sharing and gathering

It was almost like a reality show.  The final session of the Social Good Summit brought eight entrepreneurs onstage to pitch their ideas for Startups for Good.  The winner took ten-thousand dollars home to give their idea a chance on the marketplace. Continue reading

Three A’s for Thursday: Apps, Aspirations, Arab Spring

Social media gets a lot of well-deserved credit for giving rise to the young voices involved in the Arab Spring movements.  But what’s next is a fair question. Again, enter Information and Communications Technology (ICT) – not just as a free and open megaphone, but as a potential economic engine. Continue reading

It’s never too late to tweet

The First Lady of South Africa and the wife of the Kenyan Prime Minister took to the stage at #socialgood today and made social networking history.   The moderator of the conversation was Yvonne Chaka Chaka, a famous performer who sang her first question to Madam Tobeka Madiba Zuma (South Africa) and Dr. Ida Odinga (Kenya.)   It was a gorgeous, uplifting moment to start a conversation about beginnings.

Continue reading

Money’s got to be part of it

Eventually the phrase “show me the money” would have to come out during the Social Good Summit.   Yesterday, in the rest of New York, traffic was gridlocked around the Clinton Global Initiative, which talked about jobs.  Our own Hans Vestberg was part of that executive roundtable. Continue reading