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Versatile virtualization vendor values – what to look for beyond product and price

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Operators face a strategic decision when making the network leap from native to virtualized network functions. Where they place their bets will be decided by a number of criteria impacting their total cost of ownership and life cycle management undertakings for network functions going forward. Continue reading

Creating the networks of the future with Cisco

Ericsson and Cisco announce next-generation strategic partnership

Today we are taking an important step forward in our transformation journey. Ericsson and Cisco are announcing a multi-faceted partnership to create the networks of the future – and through this, shape the direction of the industry. Both companies have invested a lot of time in designing this partnership over the past year, and I am thrilled to be able to announce it today.

As industry leaders, we have worked together to develop a joint vision for innovation and customer success. Cisco brings their leading position in IP and a strong presence in enterprise. We bring our leadership in mobile networks, our strength in global services, and strong relationships with the world’s leading service providers.

Between us and Cisco, we hold more than 56,000 patents, invest $11 billion annually in research and development, and operate more than 76,000 services professionals serving customers in more than 180 countries.

The strength of this partnership lies not just in its scale, but in the depth of the solutions Ericsson and Cisco can now provide to the networking market. It is a market in transition – increasingly mobile, cloud-based, and digital – and customers are seeking end-to-end solutions to reach their full potential.

We have evaluated the impact of acquisitions, our own development, and other strategic opportunities – and this partnership is by far the best way forward. We believe that this partnership will create the most value both for our customers and for Ericsson and Cisco.

We have a clear, joint view of how to execute on the partnership to ensure we can quickly offer our customers added value. Initially the partnership will focus on service providers, then on opportunities for the enterprise segment and accelerating the scale and adoption of IoT services across industries. We have already signed a reseller agreement with associated services opportunities for Ericsson. Ericsson engineers will also team up with Cisco engineers to kick-start our collaboration via a joint initiative focusing on SDN/NFV and network management and control.

For Ericsson, this partnership also fortifies the IP strategy we have developed over the past several years, and it is a key step forward in our own transformation. It will start generating revenues for Ericsson as soon as 2016, ramping up to USD 1 billion by 2018 and building from there.

I’ll be tweeting about our activities with Cisco from my Twitter account, @HansV_Ericsson – follow along there and at @Ericsson. You can also hear more about the partnership from me and Cisco CEO Chuck in the video below.

This is an exciting partnership that will drive growth, accelerate innovation, and ensure rapid deployment of the digital transformation demanded – and needed – by customers across industries. With the future networks we develop with Cisco, Ericsson will continue to shape the Networked Society.

Hans Vestberg
President & CEO

Designs on growth – Lessons from the Managed Services Summit


In the words of the wise, if you’ve got designs on something, you’re going to go get it. At the recently-concluded Managed Services Summit hosted by Ericsson in Amsterdam, we talked about Service Design as a path for growth in partnerships. Continue reading

The key to the connected home – managing electricity consumption

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Editor’s note: Today we are featuring a guest post by Tommy Änst, Industry Marketing Manager, Utilities, from European Utility Week in Vienna:

I’m in Vienna this week for European Utility Week, and the digital shifts taking place in the industry are front and center. There are people talking about being the “Uber of utilities” and about digitalization, decentralization and decarbonization. Continue reading

Trim the total transformation time – virtualization is about time to agility this decade

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One of the main promises of virtualized network functions is to create carrier competitiveness through agility. With just 50 months left of this decade, it is worth diving into the critical milestones that define operator transformation from native to virtualized networks. There are six major milestones that will define your journey and each step is vital to achieving the benefits this decade has to offer. Continue reading

The ongoing hunt for a disconnected vacation

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In a previous post, I asked if any of you have ever tried to be disconnected for a full week, without mobile data or WiFi. I can’t say I took the challenge myself but I did come pretty close the other week when I spent some days in the woods hunting. Continue reading

Yoda says “Do. Or do not. There is no try” to all industries


As a huge fan of Star Wars, I cannot let the opportunity go without using the film as an analogy in today’s digital market. Whether you agree or not, sci-fi is a reality. I’m not suggesting that we encounter people with pointy ears, or that we enjoy drinks in Mos Eisley’s cantina, or that we take on battle stars and enemies in outer space. What I’m saying is that many product developments, which fall in the big futuristic domain of the Internet of Things, are already happening and can spark the imagination for new business models. Continue reading

Futurecom 2015 – self-disruption is necessary

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Futurecom is Latin America’s biggest trade show each year. At our booth we are surrounded by fellow professionals in the Information and Communications Technology arena, and today there are 8,000 visitors to this convention hall in São Paulo, Brazil. You’d think there would be a cacophony, but it’s a fairly unified voice emerging from all the colors and booths. The voice says: We must transform. Every one of us. Continue reading

Transforming transport by building ecosystems, not ego-systems


Editor’s note: Today we are featuring a post by Jenny Lindqvist, the Head of Intelligent Transport Systems for Ericsson Global Services. This post originally appeared in a different form on the blog of the New Cities Foundation.

Do you remember when phones were only for making calls? Soon we will be asking the same question about connected cars: Do you remember when cars were just for driving?

By gathering, analyzing and sharing data in real-time throughout the traffic ecosystem, we can completely reshape the transport experience for people and its impact on communities. Continue reading

More than 2 billion people still lack any type of mobile broadband

You’re probably reading this on a laptop. Or maybe a desktop, or even your phone. If you have a tablet, you could be swiping your finger to scroll past this paragraph as I type it…

The point being that many of us in Western countries have immediate and ever-present access to the network from multiple devices, all within reach. Some say that we are never unconnected, and it’s easy to take for granted the fact that you can Google a question, text a friend, or email your boss at any time, from anywhere. Continue reading