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Europe – any thoughts of adopting a failed GDPR must go!


Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands and the UK embody the digital change that Brussels wants to see in other European Union (EU) member states … but these top European ICT performers must lead and show Brussels the way forward in order to create a vibrant European digital and data driven innovation economy! Continue reading

Ericsson Research Open Day – from predicting traffic jams to mobile cloud robotics

Ericsson Research Open Day

Most of the time I consider myself to have the best job at Ericsson, meeting people in the Ericsson Studio and talking about our Networked Society vision. But sometimes, like today, I have my doubts. Today we hosted Ericsson Research Open Day in the Ericsson Studio, showcasing our research in the Industry and Society area and inviting stakeholders to exchange ideas on it. Continue reading

#IstandWithAhmed and all the talent of this world


: There a lot of lessons in the story of 14-year-old Texas student Ahmed Mohamed, who was arrested after his homemade clock was mistakenly taken as a bomb. The social media hashtag #IStandWithAhmed is sparking a dialogue that our society needs to have. Continue reading

Simple check-ins equal relief in the Networked Society


Recent political and natural events have proven how connectivity is a basic human need. And how life-affirming it can be.

On Septmber 16, the earth shook in Chile. It shook at a magnitude of 8.2. Terremoto was the word that came across in our Communications group in WhatsApp. Even as a beginner in Spanish, there was no mistaking the word for earthquake. Continue reading

Capture cloud conversations – how to become familiar with cloud geek speak

Global Network Operations Center_3

If you grew up with datcom and telecom, you are a wizard in understanding complex terminologies and a broad range of acronyms. But as cloud takes a more prominent role in network evolution, you will be exposed to a new set of terminologies and abbreviations. Here are a few you might want to master this year: Continue reading

Ericsson Industry Watch

Innovating from the outside in


In the digital economy, the core functions of a corporation are being commoditized. Small startups and networks of individuals are seizing the opportunity to deliver new functionality and experiences at lower costs. And users are continuously discovering that the products they’ve already purchased have been updated with new capabilities they never could’ve imagined. To keep pace, incumbents will need to go beyond improving back-end processes and reinvent the ways they deliver value to end customers. Continue reading

Every country needs an IoT strategy in the Networked Society

a cyclist looking at mobile device_3

Fragmented industry activities, evolving technologies and nascent regulatory frameworks mean national IoT strategies are needed to harness the full potential of the connected world. Continue reading

Together We Can Cut Costs And Improve The Quality Of Financial Services


Editor’s note: Today we are happy to feature a post from Ericsson’s Call to Change blog, which is focused on m-commerce. It was written by Goran Loncaric, Head of M-Commerce Technical Solutions:

There has been considerable chatter in the press about digital disruptors changing the way we bank. Some reports would have us believe that young, hungry entrepreneurs in the US or Sweden are going to do away with the entire formal banking industry in favor of apps and little blue card readers. Continue reading

Learning to say “yes and…” in the Networked Society

Josh workshop

Transformation is the name of the game in the Networked Society. We love disruption – new business models, quick innovation, the ability to be fresh using the foundations of mobility, broadband and cloud. But it’s so much easier said than done. We need help accepting change – so I think we should turn to comedy. Continue reading

The blue sky rule

play soccer game_2

My boys are growing up. At age 11, I don’t get to kiss them goodnight or goodbye when I send them off to school anymore (they give me the tops of their heads). But there’s one way I know I can get affection, and it’s thanks to the Networked Society. Continue reading