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Together We Can Cut Costs And Improve The Quality Of Financial Services


Editor’s note: Today we are happy to feature a post from Ericsson’s Call to Change blog, which is focused on m-commerce. It was written by Goran Loncaric, Head of M-Commerce Technical Solutions:

There has been considerable chatter in the press about digital disruptors changing the way we bank. Some reports would have us believe that young, hungry entrepreneurs in the US or Sweden are going to do away with the entire formal banking industry in favor of apps and little blue card readers. Continue reading

Learning to say “yes and…” in the Networked Society

Josh workshop

Transformation is the name of the game in the Networked Society. We love disruption – new business models, quick innovation, the ability to be fresh using the foundations of mobility, broadband and cloud. But it’s so much easier said than done. We need help accepting change – so I think we should turn to comedy. Continue reading

The blue sky rule

play soccer game_2

My boys are growing up. At age 11, I don’t get to kiss them goodnight or goodbye when I send them off to school anymore (they give me the tops of their heads). But there’s one way I know I can get affection, and it’s thanks to the Networked Society. Continue reading

Disconnected vacation

A man talking on the phone while standing on a desert _2

As I write this, most of you in the northern hemisphere are probably on your way back to work after a well deserved vacation. Hopefully you managed to experience those things you dreamt of, played on the beach, hiked with the family, or just relaxed at home. For Swedes, the weather has not been the best for a vacation at the beach, but anyone living in this country knows that a long, warm summer is extremely rare here. Continue reading

Want to be a cyborg? It’s time to think about becoming unique

Neil Harbisson

In my first post written for this blog as a cyborg, I mentioned Neil Harbisson – founder of the non-commercial Cyborg Foundation and the first person on Earth with a special “Eyeborg” antenna implanted in his skull.
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Why innovation still scores poorly in Europe


Every year, Eurostat publishes country figures for annual spending in R&D and innovation across the EU. For some countries (Italy, Netherlands, and Luxemburg) there is good news: innovation efforts have soared compared with the EU average. Others, on the other hand, need to worry.
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Who is real hero in storage ‘race to zero’?

Storage might be cheap, but it might not be where you need it

The “Race to Zero” is a concept with multiple interpretations. One is reducing the amount of garbage that ends up as landfill to zero. Another is the elimination of carbon dioxide emissions. And more recently we have had a vision of free storage without volume caps.
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Sports sensors stop subjective statistics


At the Intel Developers Forum today a BMX rider demonstrated new sensor technology on stage. Many sports are today dependent on subjective judgments rather than objective measures. This could soon be history as sensor technologies get endorsed and approved. Continue reading

Ericsson Industry Watch

The book that wanted to be published


You’ve never heard of the author before, and the cover looks like it was drawn someone who flunked out of art school, but it’s the number one book on the Amazon Best Seller list, even outselling Harper Lee’s Go Set a Watchman. And it’s completely self-published.
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With School on the Cloud, our dreams can fly

School will never be the same again

I still remember how inspired I felt after watching Sugatra Mitra’s TED speech “Build a school on the cloud”, where he presented his work and the self-organized learning solutions that are now common practice in learning institutions and forums. That speech led me to realize that we need to do more, and pushed me to participate in a parent-mentor initiative and then a mentors’ network, to help improve education delivery and induce a creative change for young talent. I don’t know how many Ministers of Education have watched the speech, but I know that more and more communities are converging on the issue of how to open up our society to more constructive learning and creativity.
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