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Augmented Reality is here

At MWC 2011, which is ongoing right now, we’re presenting a number of different Augmented Reality (AR) applications and the interest is really there. Continue reading

What’s your favorite TV moment?

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Television. It has been a part of most of our lives – entertaining us, informing us, making us laugh and making us cry. Continue reading

Changing channels: is TV different, or are we?

I never saw the live footage of Neil Armstrong on the moon. As a four-year-old, I heard people talking about it, but we were living in the Australian Outback, and there was no TV in Mullewa in 1969. I can’t help feeling that I missed out on something: the most important collective TV moment of my lifetime.

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Augmented Reality – what’s not there yet

This may sound a bit metaphysical, but there can only be one reality. That is why the phrase Augmented Reality sounds funny to me. How can my reality be anything more than what is right there in front of me?

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