1. 10 Hot Consumer Trends 2018

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Eternal newbies but instant experts

Have you ever felt like you are living life in the fast lane and slow lane at the exact same time? It seems to me that my short perspective is getting ever shorter and that makes the fact that my longer perspective isn’t moving increasingly hard to adjust for.

We need three-dimensional traffic congestion solutions

When walking the dog in my neighborhood, I increasingly have to navigate around cars that are too big to fit on the driveways and protrude out onto the pavement. I asked a neighbor why he doesn’t just park his in the garage and he told me the garage is too small…

Will the future tech be too human for us?

What if devices were like people?

Why Alexa won’t have the last laugh

The voice of laughter has been echoing ominously across the web for the last several days. But the reason why it has caused such uproar is not that it was the revengeful voice of some sort of real-life supervillain with a plan to wreak havoc on earth. Instead, it was the rather innocent voice of […]

Digital sleeping pills – take two every night

Falling asleep in the evening is a constant struggle. Even worse, I wake up around 3am and can’t get back to sleep again. I do not know how many days I’ve spent walking around like a sleep-deprived zombie. But then I discovered digital sleeping pills.