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An AI will replace my job sooner than yours

Our recent Ericsson Consumer & IndustryLab Creative Machines report states that as many as 1 in 5 think their own job will be replaced by a machine before they retire. Is that really a realistic figure?

Does automation make jobs boring – or enable leisure?

Some predict that automation will make jobs more boring. But maybe jobs already are more boring than they used to be?
After all, my parents lived to work. But I work to live.

The intelligent site and the intelligent brains behind

With new technologies and 5G on the horizon, we stand before a complexity explosion in telecommunications networks – a complexity that is out of reach for humans alone to deal with. And as the complexity increases we need strategies to handle this, and machine intelligence will be crucial.

How do we ensure that AI benefits humanity?

Artificial intelligence has reached a cultural tipping point. Google is implementing their DeepMind in the Google Home. Amazon does their thing with their Echo and Alexa. IBM’s AI interface Watson is used in many applications, among others elevator control. In the automotive industry, Waymo has been taking gigantic leaps in autonomous driving in 2017, thanks […]

Machine intelligence when automation is not an option

How can a machine learn from experience? And what is learning anyway for a machine?
A good way to answer these questions is with probabilistic modeling, where researchers use models in which there are multiple possible outcomes, each having varying degrees of certainty or uncertainty of their occurrence.

Your next device will be an awareable

Awareables are not necessarily wearables. Instead, they are what I would call next generation devices that are aware of you, whether you wear them or not. How would you feel about a device that knows you better than you know the device?

The future of AI will change your relationship with devices

Moving into 2018, the discussion around topics like artificial intelligence is moving away from the theoretical or futuristic and into the practical. Or maybe the two are moving together. You can see this clearly in the new video from Techonomy featuring Ulf Ewaldsson, Senior Vice President and Head of Business Area Digital Services.
Ewaldsson talks with […]

An inside look at the impact of AI on your everyday life

“Alexa”, my Italian-based sister shouts in a commanding voice, “what is 101.8 degrees Fahrenheit in Celsius?” The sound of her voice makes the round speaker in the room, as well as everyone in it, react. Alexa allows Echo to send a discreet yet distinct flowing rainbow light to show us that she is thinking. We […]

How 5G and IoT innovation can support an aging society

The world’s population is aging: virtually every country in the world is experiencing an increase in the number and proportion of older persons in their population. And in fact, that increase is projected to accelerate in the coming decades.

Exploring AI and an aging society in the Nobel Prize Dialogue

Editor’s note:  Today we are featuring a Q&A with Laura Sprechmann, Deputy CEO and Director of Partner Relations of Nobel Media, who spoke with us about the upcoming Nobel Prize Dialogue on aging and artificial intelligence in Seoul.
Can you give us a general description of the event and its purpose?
The Nobel Prize Dialogue on the theme […]