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Tired of annoying and unwanted calls: Dial blockchain!

In next ten years, imagine a world where instead of having a national identity or social security number you’re given a worldwide identification number maintained via a blockchain network. A world where billions of connected devices securely communicate using blockchain-based smart contracts. A world where you no longer swipe your credit cards at physical or […]

Harnessing startup ecosystems for smart cities

You may not be aware of this, but Philadelphia was America’s first, startup innovation hub. In 1776 the city’s intellectual ecosystem included the American Philosophical Society, the first (and second) bank of the United States and the largest library anywhere in the US colonies. These institutions provided the intellectual foundation for the drafters of the […]

How can green fintech help save the planet?

Editor’s note: Today we’re featuring a guest post by Sofie Blakstad and Rob Allen of Hiveonline, the winner of the recent Ericsson Garage Start-Up Challenge.  You can read about the contest and the incubation process or check out the Ericsson Garage site for more information.
Sofie says that she is excited to tap into a global […]

Trust or no trust – Block chain beyond Bitcoin

Securing data and an exponentially expanding number of devices is a major challenge. Could block chains be part of the answer?

On IoT Day 2015, 205 days between compromise and discovery is not good enough

Currently the length of time between digital compromise and discovery is 205 days. That is 205 days where data from a compromised system cannot be trusted, should not be trusted.

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Decentralized trust: How the Blockchain could help to revolutionize value transfer

Whatever their eventual impact, new networks of decentralized trust and exchange provide one of the first glimpses of what a radically disintermediated digital environment might look like. As new layers are built on this early backbone, we’ll soon find out just how systemic the shift to a new form of trust can be.