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Connected vehicle technology – everything you need to know in 2018

Spring 2018 has been a busy and exciting season for me. I am happy for the chance to step out of the lab to share what we are working on at Ericsson with audiences at a number of events, including 5GAA, Mobile World Congress and the 2018 Geneva International Motor Show. When I visit such […]

We know about the future of connected cars, but what about the old ones?

Not all connected cars are new. Clever 4G devices help older cars join the Networked Society.

Connected cars will save human lives – and kangaroos too

No longer science fiction, connected cars are already here and the enhancements, making significant differences in security and road safety.

ITS World Congress 2016 – Contributing to Australia’s Connected Automated Transport Journey

Ericsson and EasyMile have debuted the automated driverless minibuses in Australia during the ITS World Congress in Melbourne.

All eyes down under as ITS shows off connected transport future

Sustainable urban mobility is the way forward. At ITS World Congress in Melbourne, IoT and connectivity are driving the change.

Autonomy is the goal, but can we reduce road accidents now?

Until fully autonomous cars become the norm, what other innovations can we expect to reduce the number of accidents and improve road safety?

The necessity – and danger – of connected vehicles

Connected vehicles offer great convenience and functionality, but how many already exist that could be vulnerable to hacking?

Connected cars roundtable at SkyDeck Berkeley

SkyDeck Berkeley and Ericsson organized a roundtable discussion around autonomous and connected cars. It was an excellent forum with a lot of engagement from the nicely mixed industrial and academic audience.

Take my keys – please

The smartphone has eaten up cameras, portable music players, paper agendas, and it seems that car keys are next. Finally.

Who drives, and who decides?

Vehicle technology will change dramatically in the next 5-10 years on the path to autonomous cars. But there are serious questions to answer first.