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5G is the new WiFi

Today 4G connectivity comes at a premium, whereas WiFi is free. But that could all change, and 5G just might be the new WiFi…

What kind of TV user are you?

In its latest TV and Media 2017 report, Ericsson ConsumerLab researchers identified six types of user groups in their latest TV and Media report.  I took on the assignment to write about my own habits.
But I don’t seem to fit, which, as I think of it, is kind of the point.

All is not lost with on-demand

Do you remember Lost, the TV series from the mid-2000s? Well, I do, but I mostly remember how hard it was to watch it. I had to be home every Monday night, before 21.00 in order not to miss out on the latest episode. But not only that: in Brazil, where I lived at that […]

TV couch potatoes get up and go!

My grandfather was never a couch potato, neither while watching TV, nor in life. He was a hard-working farmer with little patience for laziness. He was born in 1896, and got to live to experience his 99th birthday. In today’s rapid technology evolution, it is humbling to consider that he spent his first 62 years […]

Data drives transformation, even under the knife

I guess you and I are probably very much alike in one sense. If I ever needed to have surgery, I would want to know that my surgeon was doing the best they could to save my life, avoiding any danger during the operation. Once anaesthetized, you might not have much to add to the […]

Why collaboration is key to unlocking content discovery

Editor’s note: Today we feature a guest post by Georg Mueller-Loeffelholz, Head of Data Services at Ericsson Broadcast and Media Services. The post was previously published on the Broadcast and Media blog. 

OTT, on-demand and TV Everywhere services are expanding the very definition of TV, creating a highly competitive and diverse media landscape which is helping to change […]

Get an (augmented) reality check with The Last Jedi and Pokémon Go

Today fans will flock in droves to more than 20,000 stores in more than 30 countries to scan a display and collect virtual Star Wars characters. It’s an augmented reality (AR) scavenger hunt called Find the Force, a part of Force Friday II, a promotional push by The Walt Disney Studios to introduce merchandise for […]

Will virtual reality eliminate the Monday blues?

As a manager, I’ve fought many battles with stakeholders in meeting rooms. What I’ve come to realize is that that none of those battles can compare to the war cries that I hear every morning from my 14-year-old son and 8-year-old daughter, while I try to get them ready for school.

When VR feels more real than the “real” world

In the spring of 2016 we bought an HTC Vive VR headset at home. It came with fully motion-tracked hand controllers, and allowed for room-scale movement inside VR over an area of about 3×4 meters.
It immediately changed my perception of reality.

Will an AI be your next manager?

I was invited recently to give my view on future trends to the executive leadership of a company with about 300 employees. Rather than a conventional talk, I led the session as a Q&A, with me asking questions and the executives providing the answers. I then related those answers back to the key trends.