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Mobile edge brings mixed reality to life

Editor’s note:  Today we’re featuring a guest post from Eric Qian, Head of IoT & Analytics, Ericsson Business Innovation.
Think about your living room space transformed into an interactive seamless augmented game environment—welcome to the Ericsson mixed reality showcase at Mobile World Congress 2018. Using lightweight AR glasses, users can interact with bouncing balls with precision […]

Experience Ericsson at new Santa Clara facility in the heart of Silicon Valley

New Ericsson facility – including the Ericsson Experience Center – opens today in Santa Clara – the heart of Silicon Valley.

The future of drones: Delivering packages, performing real-time, in-air analytics, and saving endangered ferret populations

Drones are the development platform of tomorrow and the drone market will create an $82 billion economic impact in the US by 2025.

Continued camera creativity – What is the next wave of digital photography gadgets?

The pace of innovation in digital photography is accelerating and here is a summary of which gadgets you might consider next.

Dad! My drone is stuck on the roof. Again

The first drone summer is here, with drones taking to the air in large volumes. With this development we will see a number of new phenomena – a kind of digital transformation of previously analog problems. And much of this transition will involve moving drones on and off the roof.

A conversation about Code Conference – from gender diversity to virtual reality

For me, there were two themes that really stood out. One, that tech is absolutely changing every industry and making it redefine itself; and two, we’re all talking about gender diversity, which I think is a good thing, and absolutely needs to happen.

Millennials, video and drones – reflections on Mary Meeker at Code Conference

It’s only 8:45 in the morning, and my head is reeling with more internet stats than I think I could ever handle.
Here at Code Conference, Mary Meeker, partner at the Silicon Valley venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, has just presented her annual Internet Trends report. As this is my first Code, this […]

Drones are a few of my favorite things

That’s why a new, imaginative video from our colleagues in the Industry Transformation group at Ericsson is so much fun to watch. It takes drones today and imagines them at the next level. And the next level after that. Drones have already captured our imagination the way robots and moving sidewalks did when I watched “The Jetsons” as a youngster. Ericsson President and CEO Hans Vestberg often says in his speeches: “Only our imaginations will limit what is possible in the Networked Society.”

Wearables at CES 2015 – when will the Internet of Things catch up with science fiction?

Wearables at CES this year finally got beautiful – with crystals that ever so stylishly track your activity and stay charged thanks to discreet solar panels. Tempting. And yet I confess that I am what the industry calls an “abandoner.” I had an exercise tracker and obsessively wore it for several months. One day I just didn’t wear it. Two days went by, three, and now it’s been eight months. Guess what? I still exercise.

Ericsson Industry Watch

Real-time agriculture: The connected farming revolution

Farming, on the whole, remains a highly imprecise science. Despite widely varying local soil conditions, fluctuating water systems and an unstable climate, our approaches are often uniformly applied, resource-intensive and staggeringly wasteful. Not surprisingly, a number of IoT systems are quickly converging upon new ways to customize performance and eliminate inefficiencies.