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IoT and healthcare: creating powerful IoT networks, without much power

When it comes to functionality, today’s massive IoT solutions must meet three key requirements: extended coverage, long battery life and low device cost. As sensors and connected devices continue to be deployed at scale, it is critical that energy efficiency must be part of the IoT solution’s design from the start and not an afterthought.

Data drives transformation, even under the knife

I guess you and I are probably very much alike in one sense. If I ever needed to have surgery, I would want to know that my surgeon was doing the best they could to save my life, avoiding any danger during the operation. Once anaesthetized, you might not have much to add to the […]

Transmitting the doctor’s sense of touch: transforming robotic surgery

With 5G enabled, haptic touch technology, robotic surgery lets remote surgeons actually feel tissue, creating new frontiers in remote health care.

My run-in with dengue in the Networked Society

Collaboration and information sharing will always be necessary to tackle health issues like dengue and Zika. And that’s why ICT can make a difference.

The benefits of big data and medicine will far outweigh the downsides

Health and the management of health has been a human battle since the beginning of time. It has always been limited by the lack of real knowledge of the causes underlying the visible symptoms. The history of “God Bless You” when you sneeze came from sneezing being the first visible symptom of the […]

Give a voice to the people

What do Greek citizens say when asked how technology can improve our lives? Guest blogger, Tasos Pagakis shares some interesting research findings.

Smart devices are making city life healthier

The wellbeing of ‘cityzens’ is dependent on individuals taking a greater responsibility for being active. Running in the parks or workout sessions at the gym are common in urban areas but what will we demand in the form of measurement when these activities moves beyond fitness freaks and become mainstream in the city?

Smartphones lend a helping hand to city homeless

Life for homeless persons in the city is not getting easier and funding of their basic needs has gone beyond the capabilities of tax-driven efforts. A perspective that has perhaps not been explored as much is what role smartphones and mobile applications can play in assisting homeless people in urban areas?

Connectivity will change city life forever

In this series of posts, I will discuss why the urban network is the single most important piece of infrastructure needed for economic growth in a city.

Why fear might be valuable in the Networked Society

Fear is an essential ingredient for change. As much as it can be a hurdle, the truth is, I think fear is a big motivator. Though it wasn’t articulated as a theme during the Economist’s Digital Horizons conference this morning, it certainly shone through every speech, panel, and question and answer period.