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Autonomous mining trucks and equipment – connected Pit Vipers are every miner’s dream

Have you ever driven a self-driving vehicle? Or perhaps an even better question would be: can you even drive something that is self-driving and automated? Maybe we soon will have to change the way we talk about self-driving, as well as change our entire approach to travelling and transportation. I mean: if a car is […]

5G and jet engines – advanced manufacturing technology can cut emissions?

Do you ever think about airplanes? I do. In fact, ever since I was a kid, soaring amongst the clouds has always been a dream of mine. When I was 14, my uncle suggested I should fly with him from Sweden to the US and act as his interpreter. I did, and if I did […]

Step inside the future factory

Ever since the industrial revolution and resulting shift to new manufacturing processes, manufacturers have evolved their industrial production systems to increase productivity, gain efficiencies and grow profits.

Stake your claim in the connected ecosystem

By 2025, digitization will change the way we live, travel and work. Where will you fit in? Now is the time to stake your claim in the connected ecosystem.