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Seventy seven society sketches & statistics

Networked Society evangelist, Peter Linder, outlines 77 trends he believes will shape our society during 2014. The presentation is not designed to provide answers but rather trigger your own thoughts in key areas.

Don’t go with the flow

Given the remarkable shifts now taking place, sooner or later most business leaders will be faced with the billion-dollar question: How do you model and organize a business for a digitally transformed market?

Forty-eight hours with Google Glass

Poyan Sandnell blog about his experience with Google Glass – the fascinating wearable that is giving us a glimpse of what life in the Networked Society will be like.

A big mix of ideas challenges cities to rethink

Members of the New Cities Foundation are a diverse and interesting group of companies and organizations ranging all meeting to challenge each other’s established ideas about cities.

New strategies for the digital age

As individuals and businesses gain access to new digital resources, it’s becoming clear that old industry logics no longer apply. Erik Kruse blogs about digital business transformation.

MWC 2014: the rise of the partnership

In the era of partnerships, networks are evolving to Agile, mobile, and cloud-centric architectures. MWC is now the industry event that all parts of this ecosystem participate in.

Working life as we know it is changing dramatically

If you put an egg in space, will it explode or freeze?

At the AT&T M2M Hackathon in Plano TX, September 14-15, when we used the Ericsson Unity Platform to answer one simple question: can we get an egg in space, and if so will it explode or freeze?

Report shows broadband vital for sustainability

Will the Networked Society require a new type of leadership?

Thousands of books have been written about leadership and leaders, and many theories have been developed in the fields of management and psychology. In this post, I will discuss the type of leadership that will be needed in the Networked Society.