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How IoT makes transport smart

Connected cars will save human lives – and kangaroos too

No longer science fiction, connected cars are already here and the enhancements, making significant differences in security and road safety.

World’s first self-driving taxis cruise Singapore streets

Self-driving taxis have taken to the streets of Singapore. But large scale, seamless autonomous driving experiences will rely on 5G.

Turning infrastructure into intelligence – Turning trains into brains

Ericsson and Bombardier’s 4G/LTE infrastructure trials are leading the way in rail industry transformation.

5G Powering autonomous vehicles: Automotive industry case study

Ericsson and Scania’s joint testbed is developing 5G-enabled, autonomous vehicle solutions to transform public transport, trucking and more.

I am the smart commuter – 10 Hot Consumer Trends

Being a commuter is stressful, tiresome and even frustrating – 86% would use personalized services if they were available.

Transforming transport by building ecosystems, not ego-systems

Do you remember when phones were only for making calls? Soon we’ll be asking “Do you remember when cars were just for driving?”

A dispatch on intelligent transport from Mobile World Congress

The most common questions from public transport operators: What is the business model of this? Who is going to be the service provider of Mobility as a Service?

Ericsson Industry Watch

Connected, cooperative transport systems

New forms of information and service exchange – between people and vehicles, between systems of private and public transport, and among manufacturing, logistics and on-demand delivery networks – are emerging as “soft” infrastructure for tomorrow’s mobility and transport systems, marking the beginning of a new industrial landscape fueled by digital and physical interaction.