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Tag archives: LTE

How to make the IoT better with voice

Airport technology is letting you down but LTE is here to help

Experience a whole new world with 5G at CES 2017

Turning infrastructure into intelligence – Turning trains into brains

Ericsson and Bombardier’s 4G/LTE infrastructure trials are leading the way in rail industry transformation.

Ericsson Mobility Report: mobile data growth to skyrocket by 2021

Telecom operators must think like start-ups to win the digital race

A new mindset, nimble systems, open platforms, and affordable connectivity hold the key to carriers’ digital success.

Defining the true mobile business

Exciting enterprise eco-system experiments – how operators can find the next growth trajectory

But operators now have an opportunity to turn their declining or flat enterprise business into a growth area. It will be a journey associated with significant innovation and ecosystem innovation over the coming three years.

Why WiFi will mean more, not less, wires in the enterprise

Enterprise network spend is shifting from wired to wireless solutions, primarily driven by a new WiFi generation (802.11ac) designed to boost capacity for wireless services in enterprises. But contrary to what most people believe, this evolution will require new wires to support the transition. The new Wifi generation is not easily supported with the existing wires.

No 4G, no problem: how people in developing Asia are driving social media use

We have just released our seventh edition of the Ericsson Mobility Report and as I went through the South East Asia and Oceania appendix, what really stood out was how much social media has become ingrained as part of life in this region.
Already, one in four of us feel social media is central to our lives and as many as 60 percent are using multiple social media platforms. Even more striking was the fact that this sentiment seemed to be more pronounced in emerging countries like Vietnam and Indonesia.