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If you put an egg in space, will it explode or freeze?

At the AT&T M2M Hackathon in Plano TX, September 14-15, when we used the Ericsson Unity Platform to answer one simple question: can we get an egg in space, and if so will it explode or freeze?

Mobile broadband + emerging markets = disruptive innovation

How fast is fast enough?

With currently 1.7 billion mobile broadband subscriptions globally (Ericsson Mobility Report, June 2013) and data usage growing fast, the basic notions of “coverage” and “capacity” are proving more important than ever.

Smartphone survey shows the need for speed

Smartphone users have frequent issues with internet connectivity. As many as 60 percent of users in the study experience problems at least once a week and 33 percent encounter problems daily. It makes me wonder about the changing perceptions we have of such important things as connectivity and speed.

A hodgepodge of happenings and a little Swedish pride

Mobile World Congress, it’s like heading to summer camp

Today I’ve spent the whole day rehearsing and preparing for Mobile World Congress, where 67,000 professionals get together in Barcelona every year.

Feeling empowered? It’s probably your phone.

COWs – cruising cells complement classic celltowers

Make creativity grow while going with the Flow

The rise of the networked retail experience

Transformation to a fully networked retail concept requires a fundamental rethinking of the network needed to support new retail processes and consumer behaviors.