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Ericsson Garage meets Mobile World Congress

Editor’s note: Live from the Mobile World Congress show floor, we are featuring a guest post from Sándor Albrecht, Head of Ericsson Garage.
For the first time in the history of Ericsson Garage, we are at MWC! It’s so exciting to meet service providers, industry partners, startups and incubators to discuss how we can shape the […]

Hans from MWC 2016: Great ideas into global realities

CEO Hans Vestberg reflects on Mobile World Congress 2016.

Cars, helicopters and wine—oh my!

Connected cars, telehaptic helicopters, connected grapes and more will make Mobile World Congress 2016 (MWC16) a great Networked Society Event.

From CERN to Barcelona: the internet a quarter-century on

From the northern lights in Swedish Lapland to Michelangelo’s masterpieces in Italy, the most memorable sight for me by far was CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, where the world’s most prominent physicists smash particles in search of answers to mankind’s ultimate quest: how did the universe – and of all us – come into existence?

Going beyond gadgets – industry transformation at Mobile World Congress

The important thing is to see an ecosystem in its entirety – for instance, transport systems are not only about connecting trucks, they are about bringing in safety, insurance, entertainment, everything.

A dispatch on intelligent transport from Mobile World Congress

The most common questions from public transport operators: What is the business model of this? Who is going to be the service provider of Mobility as a Service?

Did you know that only five apps dominate smartphone traffic?

Two-thirds of mobile smartphone traffic is from only the top 5 apps in a given market. This is the case market by market and also a general global reality. A zillion apps, and only five are heavily used.

Relentless hustle and bustle…

How will we take the best from Mobile World Congress 2013 and whittle it down into a 30-minute direct presentation? The news releases, the presentations from others in the industry, the meetings, the imagery, the people all around us. The “buzz.” Perhaps I can start with a few reflections here, and see what sticks.

Mobile World Congress, it’s like heading to summer camp

Today I’ve spent the whole day rehearsing and preparing for Mobile World Congress, where 67,000 professionals get together in Barcelona every year.