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Peter’s passionate predictions: creative collaboration

Collaboration between employees and within an ecosystem is a vital enabler for success in the Networked Society.

Truth not trust – the importance of data integrity in the Networked Society

Seventy seven society sketches & statistics

Networked Society evangelist, Peter Linder, outlines 77 trends he believes will shape our society during 2014. The presentation is not designed to provide answers but rather trigger your own thoughts in key areas.

Big data needs a human touch

As companies embrace dig data and analytics, we mustn’t ignore the role of human intuition. In business, intuition plays an important role from the early stages of analytical strategy as the choice of target domains to analyse are often based on the intuition, or gut feelings of executives.

Forty-eight hours with Google Glass

Poyan Sandnell blog about his experience with Google Glass – the fascinating wearable that is giving us a glimpse of what life in the Networked Society will be like.

The day before the iPhone

We have continued to look through the same lens since the iPhone defined it for us. But the next great leap is not about us. It’s about society, the planet and civilization. It’s about the re-orchestration of the collective.

Take the fastest way please – tengo prisa

Winning with partners

To enable greater collaboration, global and local regulations need to be aligned so that partnering players of the eco-chain can actually provide a seamless service.

We are in the midst of transformation

From MWC, innovations that will transform our society

At MWC 2014 we see how we are entering a more practical phase in the evolution towards a Networked Society – with connected wristbands and even smarter phones for our day-to-day life – as well as initiatives that have the potential to change society as a whole.