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Traffic data: time to tap into its full potential

Editor’s note: Today we feature a post by Sander Maas, Global Offering Lead for Transport at Ericsson, who shares his expertise on connected urban transport. 
Every minute of the day, a huge volume of data is generated by road equipment, vehicles, and travelers. So isn’t it strange, in this day and age, that we still run into traffic […]

Why collaboration is key to unlocking content discovery

Editor’s note: Today we feature a guest post by Georg Mueller-Loeffelholz, Head of Data Services at Ericsson Broadcast and Media Services. The post was previously published on the Broadcast and Media blog. 

OTT, on-demand and TV Everywhere services are expanding the very definition of TV, creating a highly competitive and diverse media landscape which is helping to change […]

Enhancing the user experience: OTT content in the multiscreen age

We have to enable a full, cloud-driven multiscreen experience that flows seamlessly across screens. Consumers now expect entertainment experiences that are as personal as their smartphones. There’s no room for error – if you can’t offer that experience, they’ll find another service that does.

Small streaming sticks surge – are you ready for a new kind of TV service?

We have gotten used to our set-top boxes as the bridge between the TV screen and the wall outlet. However, with the adoption of OTT video services and the ability to use a smartphone as a remote control, a new type of TV device is quickly becoming very popular.

Cord cutters challenge content companies

So what we see now is that content providers are starting to place big bets on reaching cord cutters. They are simply too big user group to leave unaddressed. At 14 percent, they also represent a considerable target group for advertisers. This is why we are now seeing large content providers launching single channel versions of their TV assets as over the top services

Operators take on Social TV at the Monaco Media Forum

TV is becoming increasingly social with a range of applications now available to consumers. Seeing Orange TV Check, an over-the-top service, presented by Patrice Slupowski from Orange at the Monaco Media Forum last week was really intersting in light of recent developments.