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Tag archives: robotics

Wanted: innovative startups building a smart, sustainable future

Ericsson to join forces with creators of the future (and some bad robots) at IDF, San Francisco

Cutting edge 5G, Cloud, and IoT developments will feature in Ericsson’s presence at IDF in San Fransisco. And robots. Really bad robots.

Transmitting the doctor’s sense of touch: transforming robotic surgery

With 5G enabled, haptic touch technology, robotic surgery lets remote surgeons actually feel tissue, creating new frontiers in remote health care.

Do you want a robot that looks (and acts) exactly like a human?

Have you ever thought about owning a robot that looks almost exactly like a human? Have you ever thought about having a robot that can wash your dishes, wash your clothes, clean your home, wash your car and even have a smart chat with you? Or why couldn’t you go out and have a drink or two with it?

A bionic bar makes for better blends – a quantum-leap forward in mixology

Bartending and mixology made a quantum leap forward when the world’s first bionic bar was launched on a cruise ship earlier this month. Are you ready to start ordering your drinks from your phone and have them delivered by a robot, or are you an old-fashioned fan?