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Tag archives: security

Handle with care: info in a hyper-connected world

When looking back is looking forward: What were the 10 hot consumer trends in 2016?

Looking back at the 10 hot consumer trends for 2016. What did we get right? What surprised us?

SUCCESS and RESERVE – two projects taking on utilities’ big challenges

The SUCCESS and RESERVE projects come at an exciting – and challenging – time for the rapidly transforming utility industry.

The rise of “hacksumers” – Mr Robot and the commodification of hacking

Will off-the-shelf hacking apps create a vast new army of “hacksumers” and cybersecurity chaos?

Boosting security in megacities with the internet of things

As urbanization accelerates and cities grow, security challenges await. But connectivity and IoT can mitigate risks and improve the quality of life.

The necessity – and danger – of connected vehicles

Connected vehicles offer great convenience and functionality, but how many already exist that could be vulnerable to hacking?

Not everything is a hack!

A lot of things do get hacked, and there are certainly technical vulnerabilities out there, but not every glitch is actually a hack.

Trust or no trust – Block chain beyond Bitcoin

Securing data and an exponentially expanding number of devices is a major challenge. Could block chains be part of the answer?

Do consumers care about encryption?

WhatsApp has enables encryption end-to-end, but who we talk to and what we discuss decides our need for privacy – not the specific technology used.

Everything didn’t actually get hacked – yet

The 10 Hot Consumer Trends shows most people expect hacking and viruses to continue as problems – but are they looking in all the right places?