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Tag archives: Silicon Valley

How to keep up with the evolution of computing at the edge

Find out how AI Everywhere is key to the infinite edge

Experience Ericsson at new Santa Clara facility in the heart of Silicon Valley

New Ericsson facility – including the Ericsson Experience Center – opens today in Santa Clara – the heart of Silicon Valley.

Ericsson Industry Watch

Connected cars – a gateway to the emerging “mobility cloud”?

For most people, the connected car of 2016 is like the iPhone of 2006: an extremely sophisticated technology without a clear purpose. But viewed a decade from now, it might just be the core platform for a mobility revolution we have yet to even imagine.

A conversation about Code Conference – from gender diversity to virtual reality

For me, there were two themes that really stood out. One, that tech is absolutely changing every industry and making it redefine itself; and two, we’re all talking about gender diversity, which I think is a good thing, and absolutely needs to happen.