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Tag archives: startups

How to keep up with the evolution of computing at the edge

Find out how AI Everywhere is key to the infinite edge

Sthlm Tech Fest with the Ericsson Garage

It’s back to startup season in Stockholm

Stockholm is a hotbed of ideas coming to life, and STHLM Tech Fest + Solutions – backed by Ericsson and Telia – puts those ideas on display.

Tales of transforming cities

Detroit and San Fransciso show how grassroots initiatives and networked startups can redefine cities and local economies.

From Silicon Valley to Stockholm: hunting for unicorns

Organizing (like a lean start-up) to transform telcos in the Networked Society

So, could telcos adopt lean start-up principles to address the digital paradigm? Clearly the first step is to recognise that digital business is different from what has been their core operations – from new revenue models to more fluid rules of engagement to competition and innovation coming from new corners.