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First 5G Life Campus in Belgium

Corda Campus & Ericsson launch the first 5G environment in Belgium

Ericsson and Corda Campus partnered to open on the 17 January 2018 the first 5G Life Campus in Hasselt, Belgium.

The 5G Life Campus located at Corda Campus, a technology park, is fully connected to Ericsson’s R&D center in Aachen, Germany where 5G development and international pilot projects are executed.

By jointly implementing the first Belgian 5G Life Campus, Ericsson and Corda Campus aim to provide industry players with a test environment to develop and trial new applications using the latest technologies for the next generation of mobility, potentialy years ahead of the expected commercial launch of 5G in Belgium.

Our aim

5G being used cases driven, we offer to our partners to build the ecosystem of tomorrow within a life test platform together with industry experts.

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What is in it for you?

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Life test platform to stimulate the early development of future 5G applications as a competitive advantage


5G and IoT platform functionality which are continuously enriched by Ericsson Aachen EuroLab and anticipates future commercial 5G networks

Use case

Broad spectrum of use cases in enhanced mobile broadband, massive IoT, critical IoT and security

The latest from 5G life campus

Corda Campus and Ericsson announce their partnership

On November 29 2017, Corda Campus & Ericsson announced their partnership to launch the first 5G Life Campus of Belgium.

First Belgian 5G test environment kick-off on January 17, 2018

As planned, Corda Campus & Ericsson welcomed more than 60 local representatives for the official launch of their 5G environment.

AE, first to joining the 5G Life Campus adventure

AE is the first 5G Life Campus business partner. AE is a recognized innovation enabler, with 250+ consultants, 275+ projects, 50+ active customers​, located in 5 Offices across Belgium.

PXL Hogeschool, new partner of the 5G Life Campus

With this new partnership, Ericsson aim to make the link between the academic world and business companies.

Audience Advantage and Ericsson make a great match as innovators in technology.

Audience Advantage, a Belgian high tech company, offer their clients a state-of-the–art sales maximizing platform, including tailored-made solutions and real-life adjustments.

To fit the need of their modern-day customers, Audience Advantage is going beyond limitations in time, distance and even current day technology. Partnering up with Ericsson 5G Life Campus will allow them to go further, extend their portfolio towards better user experience and to stay ahead of the game.


Ericsson 5G Life Campus

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Founding partners : Corda Campus – Ericsson
Platinum partners : AE – PXL