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OSS/BSS & Cloud

Information Technology that is truly transformative enables a digital enterprise to manage and orchestrate its infrastructure in real time and extract the full value of the latest technologies. Programmability, automation, and virtualization move from being IT jargon to new levels of performance, reliability and efficiency.

As we evolve toward more flexible and efficient communications infrastructure, we open the door to software-defined and virtualization technologies, as well as to the potential for overwhelming complexity.  As network types, service types, system stacks and infrastructure layers converge, the goal to dynamically orchestrate all the resources available to serve the customer need on demand becomes paramount. 


We’re helping digital enterprises worldwide govern, manage and orchestrate hybrid networks holistically and in real time, turning legacy networks into elastic infrastructures that are lightweight, programmable and endlessly adaptable. Our capabilities address:


Leverage next generation technologies like SDN, NFV and cloud technologies to create a programmable infrastructure. Virtual and physical assets are holistically managed as a single entity, with all resources available for maximum utilization and serving customer needs on demand.


Gain a high degree of automation, based on real-time data and analytics, with a programmable infrastructure. A wide variety of end-to-end workflows can occur at internet speed, with events in one part of the network able to trigger reactions elsewhere, across technologies and domains.

Consistent orchestration

Automate provisioning, simplify network management and respond quickly to changes in your environment through a streamlined, consistent management and orchestration process.

Capacity management

Immediately address on-the-fly issues and reliably deliver complex products and services with a programmable, automated network, combined with real-time analytics, that simplifies capacity management.

Case story

Hydro One Telecom, Canada

Hydro One Telecom enhances its power grid reliability through advanced communications network management.

Featured offerings for the digital enterprise

Learn more about our products, services and solutions designed to help you increase your network agility and leverage all the potential benefits of cloud, IT/network convergence and software-based programmability.

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OSS Transformation

Adopt a business-driven framework that links business functions with a set of common work processes and systems, by creating an agile operations support environment covering operational processes, the service and resource information and data, as well as the OSS systems. The primary business objectives of OSS transformation include: systems consolidation, operational effectiveness and efficiency, and operations readiness.

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Expert Analytics

Measure perceived customer experiences based on metrics and events from network nodes, probes, devices, OSS/BSS and other sources. Our Ericsson Expert Analytics is a big data analytics solution that solution delivers insights including service level index, subscriber profile, end-to-end session record, device analytics and OTT application analytics.

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Cloud manager

Our cloud management system, built upon a proven, carrier-grade telecom OSS software foundation, enables customers to reduce time-to-market, optimize resource allocation, offer service-level agreements and benefit from a cohesive operational platform.

Global Network Operations Center

Adaptive Inventory

Keep track of your physical and logical resources, automate network design and provisioning, and improve the reliability and efficiency of your operations processes – from network inventory management to fulfillment to assurance.

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Network Manager

Make unified management a reality, from access all the way through to core, including IP networks.

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