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Innovative offerings

Transformative IT lets you create and launch new products at blinding speed, so you can meet customer expectations with a constant stream of new services that meet the every need and cater to every customer whim.

Innovate in house or with partners, price dynamically and bill accurately in record time. Reinvent the way you generate revenue – whether offering basic services to consumers and enterprise users, through mass personalization of individualized offerings, or by extracting value out of millions of connected devices in the Internet of Things (IoT).

In order to turn wants into wows, you must:

  • Create and launch new products at blinding speed
  • Bundle and connect with third party players
  • Price, charge and bill dynamically based on user experience



By applying transformative IT, you can say "yes" to customers in a variety of ways – from the services you offer to the support you provide to assurance they expect and the control they desire.

New business models

Innovation comes through an ecosystem of partners, suppliers, and application developers that can readily access an operator's environment to assemble and distribute a wide range of new personalized digital services and business models. An open service creation platform lets you easily partner with third-party by securely exposing your systems to collaborating OTT players, content owners, banks and others.

Reusable components

Easily add new services, service components, devices or partners to your portfolio through a platform that uses a centralized catalog and securely exposed, componentized assets. It powers an open and standards-based systems architecture to ensure the greatest reuse of product components along with easy integration and configuration.

Real-time policy control

When real-time control is applied to data usage, you have the opportunity to charge at a more granular level in addition to avoiding customer bill-shock. You can also analyze service costs to make sure services are being properly monetized, and develop new services and classes of service that assure you an adequate profit margin.

Case story

Centurylink: Competitive innovation

CenturyLink improves time-to-market and speeds service delivery with the Ericsson Service Innovation Framework.

Featured offerings

Learn more about our products, services and solutions designed to help you increase your service agility and increase profitability.

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IoT transformation

Capture Internet of Things business opportunities quickly and economically with world-class solutions and professional services.

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Build upon off-the-shelf business processes to accelerate digital transformation.

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Revenue Manager

Capture new revenue streams with a cloud-ready convergent charging and billing system that addresses the unique needs of digital services and business models in the Networked Society.

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Catalog Manager

Simplify product management and increase automation with Catalog Manager, a single catalog management system that lets you rapidly introduce products and lower operating costs.

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Order Care

Improve the customer experience with Order Care, an order management system for handling automated workflows and manual work activities across services, systems and groups.

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Charging System

Real-time charging, policy control, decoupling and fast service creation, plus end-to-end convergent billing and revenue management – whatever the service, whatever the network, whoever the customer.

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