Systems Integration

    Advances in communication services and technology have raised your customers’ expectations. But keeping up with these changes often means complex integration projects that can consume valuable time and resources.

    Reap the rewards, avoid the pitfalls

    Advances in communication services and technology have raised the expectations of your consumers and enterprise customers. But keeping up with these changes often means complex integration projects that can consume valuable time and resources.

    Our experience, expertise and end-to-end approach to systems integration help you to reap the rewards while avoiding the pitfalls. We help you to:

    • Consolidate your systems and improve their efficiency
    • Transform your network environment without disrupting your customers
    • Simplify and speed up the introduction of new services and technologies.

    So let us worry about the evolution of your systems and processes, while you focus on your opportunities.

    Operations Support Systems

    Your operations support systems (OSS) ought to be an asset supporting your business. But can they cope with ever-rising demand for operational excellence, with converging technologies, with increasing customer expectations? What if your organization merged with another?

    We can help you evolve your operations by:

    • Consolidating your systems
    • Increasing the level of automation
    • Simplifying the introduction of new services and technologies.

    We help evolve your systems and data environment as you move from telecom-specific technologies to IP technologies and open your OSS to different partners.
    With more than 1300 OSS/BSS (business support system) projects under our belt, our OSS expertise covers operations and systems consolidation, service fulfillment, service assurance, network management domains and OSS IT security.
    We’ll help turn your OSS environment – your organization, processes and tools – into an asset supporting your business development.

    Business Support Systems

    Need to simplify, consolidate and streamline your systems, processes and tools? Want to improve efficiency while introducing new services and business models? Our experience and expertise help you do just that.

    When you add new systems, new services or new customers, it is far too easy to build parallel vertical Business Support Systems, each in control of its own customer data.

    We can help you reduce the number of systems and capitalize on your existing investments in order to reduce your OPEX and boost your business. We ensure you have an agile environment – with the right organization, processes and tools – that supports efficient data management, innovative offerings and smooth, standardized self-care.

    Our BSS expertise includes:

    • Convergent rating and billing
    • Marketing and offer management
    • Revenue assurance
    • Service development and management
    • User data management.

    IP Networks and Architecture

    With the telecom industry undergoing a fundamental shift towards all-IP networks and services, we help you stay competitive by addressing your top-line opportunities as well as the costs of your network and operations.

    The evolution of your broadband network provides opportunities to introduce new services and reduce your costs.

    Our key capabilities include:

    • Solutions for higher bandwidth
    • Design and deployment of smart broadband networks
    • The migration of old packet network technologies such as ATM to new IP/Ethernet based networks
    • Convergent packet backbone and packet core solutions.

    Our expertise and competence in layered architecture, fixed-mobile convergence, IMS and multimedia telephony can help you evolve your offerings. We support your network transformation by designing and deploying the solutions that enable an all-IP service offering and network infrastructure.

    TV, Applications and Service Delivery Platforms

    You can introduce new services more quickly by taking advantage of our experience in business models, value chains, business processes, service architecture, solutions and platforms.

    Our competence can help you:

    • Find new revenue streams by introducing compelling offerings for established or new customer segments
    • Get the most out of your network and service-layer assets while selecting future-proof technologies.

    The transition to IP technologies – such as IMS, cloud computing and IPTV platforms – creates opportunities for new business and consumer applications. We can help you consolidate and transform your service delivery platforms and next-generation intelligent networks without disrupting service for your customers.

    The new TV business landscape means new revenue opportunities – and challenges – for both operators and broadcasters. We know this landscape and can help you navigate it.

    We’ve used a straightforward approach to system integration in more than 100 service-layer and IMS projects. And we can do the same for you to help consolidate, transform and evolve your service delivery platforms into a strong asset that lets you grow, reduce operating expenditures and offer new end-user services.

    Our broad expertise in the area of service delivery platforms and end-user services covers:

    • Value chains and business models, including customer segmentation and end-user service offerings
    • Internal business processes and the architecture, solutions and platforms needed for successful implementations and service launch.

    Data Migration

    Success is the only option when tackling the delicate and technically complicated task of migrating data in a live network environment.
    You can rely on our years of experience from more than 500 hundred successful data-migration projects when you face the challenge of a technology shift, the introduction of new network nodes or vendor swap-outs.
    We’ve migrated more than 1 billion mobile subscribers so far, and can help you migrate almost any kind of data, seamlessly, quickly and securely.

    Multi-Vendor Verification

    We make it easier for you to introduce new nodes and devices, and ensure that they support your offerings, regardless of the complexity of your network or a multitude of standards.

    We’ll help you verify the functionality of standardized interfaces and identify what you need to do to get your multi-vendor network in the best possible shape.

    In both our labs and on your networks, we ensure that devices work end-to-end with all your services and applications.

    And you’ll have peace of mind knowing that we have successfully performed more than 950 network verification projects for more than 160 operators worldwide over the past 15 years, including products involving all major network vendors.

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