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Launching an IoT ecosystem

We believe, that through collaboration—we can maximize the value for every part of your ecosystem.That’s why our IoT Accelerator focuses on creating a dynamic business environment for everyone involved. For service providers, that means delivering value beyond connectivity. For device and application partners, this means global exposure of their offerings. And for enterprise customers, it means reaping the benefits of a growing global ecosystem—enabling billions to freely talk.

Building IoT Partnerships

With Industry Partnerships and Strategic Alliances, we secure that the value of IoT is understood and realized, and drive innovation forward.

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Short on time? Here’s our IoT ecosystem in short form.

Complementing the IoT Accelerator platform

Our IoT ecosystem is running on our IoT Accelerator platform, which makes sure that all offerings are standardized, scalable, and interoperable. IoT device and application partners can present themselves under their own brand and offer a variety of use cases to service providers who will package and offer them to their enterprise end-customers.

Empowering service providers

Our prime focus is to provide the service providers power. We do this by giving service providers access to IoT technologies and sustainable use cases that build on NB-IoT and Cat-M1 connectivity in operator networks. This leverages standards like the LwM2M protocol as well as the APIs - made available by device and application partners through our IoT Accelerator platform.


Elevating your business

Our goal is to elevate the business of everyone in the platform. For service providers, this means the ability to grow beyond offering connectivity. The means device and application partners benefit from access to a channel for reaching potential customers across the globe.

Reduce your time to market

With go-to-market solutions for enterprise customers, the IoT Accelerator platform allows service providers to define off-the-shelf use cases they can offer their customers - based on white-labelled partner use cases or a common go-to-market model.

Join the Ericsson IoT ecosystem

Ericsson invites application developers and service providers to join our growing IoT ecosystem in the IoT Accelerator Marketplace.

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The IoT Accelerator ecosystem embraces partners with various capabilities. Whether a silicon partner, device partner or use-case partner, the common denominator is the interoperability with the IoT Accelerator platform and overall contribution to the ecosystem from a technology and business perspective.

The ecosystem is rapidly growing with new partners joining, have a look at some of the partners here with high-level descriptions.

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Getting onboard, on the map

We want to accelerate time-to-market with your IoT concepts. So once you join our IoT Accelerator platform, we focus on letting you hit the ground running.

To ensure that, we’ve designed a smooth onboarding - including sign-up, API access, followed by tracking and monitoring commercial relationships. We then present all the offerings in catalogue for providers - ensuring your apps get the global exposure they deserve.

After you’ve joined, you won’t only benefit from a global market of service providers, but also find that our platform is hotbed for blending technologies and business development together. So get onboard, and together, we’ll put your offerings on the map.

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