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Ericsson’s security thinking

With years of research and experience up our sleeve, we have evolved our thinking around security. We can spot potential threats before they even come into play, we can secure IoT businesses and at the foundation is our secure products built on a philosophy of built-in security.

Security operations & management

The Ericsson security manager can adaptively & automatically address the dynamic threat landscape through analytics and machine learning, We can even run this kind of operations for you through our managed services offering where security comes as a part of the full package

Secure platforms & applications

We have tools in our IoT platform to help operators secure management of devices and applications and coupled with network capabilities we help you create E2E-security, from device to cloud.

Secure network products

Our product portfolio has security built-in already at design. Security is never stronger than the weakest link and through our Security Reliability Model we have a process that makes sure that we always ship products as secure and hardened as possible.

Secure philosophy

We base our security thinking on the standards of 3GPP, to which we are a major contributor. This philosophy is built ground up for connected devices and is the perfect starting point when every industry is becoming as connected as the telecom industry always has been.

Unique Capabilities – Global Reach - Unmatched Experience

Global scale and trusted provider

Know-how by building the largest ICT platform

Proven track record of verified compliance

Tried and tested security

Software is our specialty: we've got over 45,000 granted patents, and to keep these digital assets safe we've rolled out rigorous information security processes.

We run telecom systems for service providers and operate telecom infrastructures for their one billion subscribers. And we're the ones supporting the global mobile network behind the scenes – that's the world's largest ICT platform. Our security technologies and controls are integrated into the Ericsson Security Portfolio solutions, deployments, integrations and managed operations.

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Where do you need new security solutions?

A networked society means we’re going to need a secure communication infrastructure for 5G and IoT. Society and business services will all share the same infrastructure – but their security needs won’t all be the same. After all, there’s going to be a lot of data, with a lot of people accessing it, for lots of different reasons: preventing unauthorized access and monitoring the data’s integrity in real-time will all be essential.

Everyone needs a digital identity, regardless of which industry they’re in. Building secure services takes solid identity validation, consent and trust management. Trusted computing technologies are becoming vital to ensure end-to-end security, from devices and through the whole network. And with new threats emerging all the time, products, services, processes and technologies all need to be ready and waiting. They’ll need to be able to spot, respond to and prevent attacks, from inside and out, before any damage is done. That’s where Ericsson security solutions come in.