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Support a successful digital journey with implementation-focused consulting services built on a strong technology foundation.

The telco and IT industries are grappling with increasingly complex megatrends. From digital ecosystems, virtualization and cloud computing, to Internet of Things (IoT) and smart cities, there are challenges and opportunities abound. At the same time, customer expectations are rising as increasing pressure is put on revenues. Digital journeys will span multiple fronts, driven by rapidly evolving technologies.

Guiding A Successful Digital Journey

Ericsson Consulting advisory services center around comprehensive business cases. We support network evolution by determining a target network architecture and guiding operator teams through every step of implementation. Our portfolio of consulting services focuses on network evolution and transformation, security, cloud, IoT, and testing and verification. These capabilities also extend to vertical ecosystems, including smart cities.

Ericsson’s tailored advisory services provide the technical and business support needed to create and implement impactful transformation business plans that maximize network capabilities and performance to meet ever-demanding customer requirements. We can support a complete journey, empowering teams to cost-effectively deliver all required services to customers while enhancing competitiveness and reducing business risks.

Why Ericsson?

Ericsson is a global leader in network design, implementation and operations. We have unparalleled end-to-end technology expertise, backed by consulting and systems integration experience from worldwide customer engagements. Our team of consultants stands ready with broad and deep business and technical experience to make your digital journey a successful one.

Consulting Services Areas

Business Consulting: High-level strategies are translated into pragmatic, detailed IT, business and marketing plans based on Ericsson’s end-to-end business and technical expertise.

Digital Transformation Consulting: Ericsson holistically addresses the digital transformation journey, from design to operational transformation, across customer, product, process and organization dimensions.

Technology Consulting: Ericsson becomes a key technology partner, developing and implementing long-term network evolution strategies that deliver superior end-user experiences with optimal network capabilities.

Testing & Verification Consulting: Sophisticated testing capabilities are leveraged to optimize the performance of networks, devices and end user applications to power new business models. By identifying issues early, operating expenses are reduced and time-to-revenue is increased.

Cloud Consulting: Client-centric advisory services are available for cloud strategy, transformation and optimization for cloud service providers and customers.

Security Consulting: Ericsson’s in-depth understanding of our customer’s industrialized environment is leveraged to advise on end-to-end standards based security strategies at multiple levels of the organization to protect critical company assets.

Smart City & IoT Consulting: We guide operator, enterprise and city partners to best take advantage of new technologies to improve productivity, digital customer engagement and eco-sustainability.


Business Consulting

Creating profitable growth is a challenge. Long-term success rests with a strategy that transforms user demands into viable business.

Operational Consulting

Operational Consulting offers methods and guidance to transform your operational and business environments in a changing market.

Technology Consulting

Technology Consulting provides tailor-made solutions to help you reach your operational and business goals. We emphasize long-term success based on user satisfaction.

Device and Application Verification

Ericsson’s Device and Application Verification service enables operators, device vendors and developers to go to market with new devices and applications that have been verified to comply ...

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