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Core Network preparation starts here

Start your core network transformation journey with Ericsson’s core network solutions – bringing new levels of performance, flexibility and optimization to your business. Prepare for meeting the diverse new services, business models and use cases that 5G & IoT will bring, by transforming the heart of the telecommunications network with a partner trusted by leading service providers worldwide.

5G Core

Reach new levels of flexibility and optimization, Enjoy business innovation on an unprecedented scale, Create new revenue streams

5G core

Accelerate your move to 5G

Cloud Packet Core

Learn about our flexible virtual Evolved Packet Core deployments on the stairway to 5G Core.

Cloud Unified Data Management and Policy

Evolve your data management and policy control solutions making them more efficient and automated to capture 5G.

The case for change


Network slicing economic study with British Telecom

Unique insights on economic impact of network slicing, quantified as a smart investment, while enabling fast implementation and better utilization.

cloud native

Cloud Native

Cloud Native for telecom applications is happening now. In the next few years all telecom applications will be cloud natively designed so as to increase efficiency and utilization of the cloud infrastructure.

Customer case: Swisscom

Continuous delivery and deployment of software is helping Swisscom turn on 5G.

A core network ready for your 5G and IoT business

With network slicing, cloud native design principles, advanced automation and resource orchestration, your core network will be in good shape for 5G and IoT. Start to deploy already today.

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Blog post
Transforming 4G into 5G: Ericsson's dual-mode 5G Cloud Core

We are evolving our Cloud Core portfolio with seven new products that deliver a dual-mode 5G Cloud Core solution...but what does dual-mode core means? And why do service providers need it for their networks? It's simple: eventually they will need to launch new services based on 5G NR stand-alone (SA) technology at some point in the near future, but they'll still need to care for their existing 4G customer base.

Blog post

e-2-e security has become more important than ever before, especially for 5G networks

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of representing Ericsson in the Open Networking Summit (ONS), North America as a Diamond Sponsor. During the 3-day event, Ericsson captured a great portion of the agenda from delivering a keynote with a demo to setting up a booth for additional demos and conversations that spanned major technology areas essential for 5G. Topics included: cloud native, automation, orchestration, dual-mode 5G cloud core, network slicing, security, and AI.


Blog post

Network Slicing know-how in the industry. My MWC19 reflections

Have we overestimated how much service providers know and are prepared to adopt network slicing technology? After meeting dozens of customers during MWC 2019, the most frequently asked questions I got from our customers were: what is network slicing? Why is it needed? How does it get better with 5G, and how can I build end-to-end slices? If you also have similar questions, please continue reading this post.