Constant Evolution

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Constant Evolution

A fulfilling experience, based on the guarantee that TV service will continually evolve and viewer loyalty will be rewarded with new features, improved functionality and exciting surprises. The anticipation for the next release is what keeps consumers staying for more.

TV is already high quality and “always on” reliable. But, with the emergence of the Networked Society and an ever-connected digital consumer, the expectation is that services received and devices owned will be perpetually improved and updated. The services that will earn the greatest loyalty (and most importantly, advocacy) in the future will be those that positively surprise consumers through proactive communications about their needs or tailored new offers, and actively ensure that you recognize their entire customer experience each day.

Key viewer perspectives

  • I like how there is always fresh content for me
  • My service is often upgraded and easier to use
  • I want the latest features and now. Ultra HD and everything on-demand
  • I am used to updating my devices online, as long as I get something out of it

Addressing the needs

With consumers fully aware that everything digital is continually updated to improve their service and experience, the timing is right to shift as much functionality of TV from in the home, to in the cloud. Innovation demands speed and agility.

With the digital consumer likely to continue to evolve their expectations of what you should offer them: Can you afford not to build your business success on agility in everything you do?

Always the best content

With so many choices and sources of content, and the shift to on-demand access to larger and larger libraries, consumer expectation is that fresh content will continually be added that suits their needs. A lot of the time, the opportunity will be to highlight what you already have of relevance to them, as much as commissioning new, exclusive series. But with strong OTT players shaping consumer perception, the key to getting ahead is to continually show value.

Getting the most value from the devices they own

As the number of video enabled devices rapidly grows to 15bn globally, services, content and discovery must be possible on all the devices a consumer wants to use. Your capability to continually embrace new devices and functionality and make an even more seamless experience for the consumers will drive their loyalty.

Value is relative

What consumers are prepared to pay for is continually changing; shifting their perceived value of your packages and bundles. Demonstrating value in all you provide to them, every day, sustains ARPU. Being agile in how you create offers and bundles ensures your capability to always maximize their spend with you.


Our Offerings

Ericsson has been investing to understand the consumer like no other, and with almost 25 years of industry video innovation and 5 Technical Emmy® awards, we know what it takes to deliver the future of TV. Only Ericsson has the depth of insights, ultimate portfolio and scale of services to help your transformation to delighting consumers through constant evolution.

25 years
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