Billing & Revenue Management

    Our agile convergent billing and revenue management solutions solve billing and charging challenges, with the functionality you need to increase both revenues and customers in the Networked Society.  

    Billing & Revenue Management Overview

    Capturing and maximizing money streams from both traditional and multimedia services can be daunting, especially without the right BSS systems and processes. At the same time, customers are demanding personalized packages and services along with more control over their spending – all of which makes telecom billing and charging more complex.

    Our end-to-end convergent billing and revenue management solutions help you meet the challenges of today’s marketplace. They let you strengthen your competitiveness by easily and quickly developing new products and new packaging and pricing models that target specific user preferences, reducing time-to-market. Customers gain the spending control they crave, helping drive revenue and subscriber growth, and you gain the efficiency and flexibility to meet market demands and reduce costs through streamlined operations.

    Convergent Billing Made Easy

    Ericsson converged telecom billing and revenue management solutions are flexible, business-focused software solutions based on the architectural principles of openness and modularity. They are already supporting more than a billion customers worldwide, meeting the needs of operators, service providers and users alike.

    Spanning all business-to-consumer and business-to-business money streams, these solutions can help you capture and secure money streams and take advantage of business opportunities from both traditional voice and messaging services and data and multimedia services. Plus, you’ll enjoy a single, converged platform that lets you handle all your users and services, regardless of payment option or access method.

    Our billing and revenue management portfolio is pre-integrated with other Ericsson solutions such as self-care, analytics, OSS and Core, and also supports available standards for multivendor integration.



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    Revenue Manager

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