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How to turn digitalization into acceleration

Where’s your industry going? Are you ready for a digital transformation? Whatever industry you're in, communication is business critical. As processes become connected, more and more of data is generated. It can be difficult to see how to turn all that information into better communication. But we see it – it’s what we do.

Learn more about the industries we serve

wind turbines

Connected solutions allow utility operators to offer cleaner, more efficient services at a lower cost. See how connectivity is powering change.

moving cars

The connected car is going beyond infotainment to software defined and autonomous vehicles. Learn more about the technology driving these innovations.

Skyscrapers view at night

Airports, roads, railways and public transport are all becoming part of the connected ecosystem. Discover the solutions that make ITS possible.

man looking at phone

Making it easier to send, spend and save money requires robust and reliable mobile connected solutions. Learn what it takes to make this happen.

cargo ship at harbor

Safe and efficient vessels, ports and terminals require solutions that always work. Find out how shipping is becoming part of the connected ecosystem.

Fire brigade officers looking at the map

Mission critical communication requires secure, real-time connections. To make that a reality, public safety officials are turning to LTE technology.

bus station in city

Managing urban areas requires cooperation from a full spectrum of stakeholders. See how a horizontal approach can connect the entire urban ecosystem.

Workspace Landscape

Building managers need holistic solutions to realize the potential of the Internet of Things. Find out how to get the most from connected buildings.

The latest news for connected industries

Man biking on the road

How can the automotive industry find new ways of engaging their customers? Read more to find out how Ericsson is helping to solve that challenge.

Connected Vehicle Marketplace

Data-driven services are generating exciting new ecosystems around connected vehicles so gear up to seize new partnerships and new possibilities with Ericsson Connected Vehicle Marketplace.

Why stand alone when you can collaborate together?

Work with a horizontal platform to achieve scale and relevance across multiple industries.

Learn how we enable growth with our ICT platforms

Smart industries are adopting connected solutions to shape the future

IoT, 5G and Cloud offer endless possibilities for industry. Partnering with Ericsson provides the experience, competence and infrastructure needed to capture those possibilities.

IoT for Industry

Learn how we make the Internet of Things easier for all industries

LTE and 5G for Industries

Connect and mobilize your business with future proof networks

Cloud solutions for industry

Create flexible solutions for data management with global scalability

Our smart industries customer cases

Learn how we are innovating together with industry leaders.

city night view

Explore how Ericsson partners with utilities operators with to enable advanced metering, better power grid management, and more satisfied customers.

Car in yellow field

From Software Defined Cars to more efficient truck fleets, learn how our end-to-end solutions are helping OEMs offer next-level connected vehicles.

a woman reading on iPad

With solutions for transport management, onboard connectivity and comprehensive payment solutions, we are helping to make every journey smoother.

Mobile financial services

Billions of people send, spend and receive money via mobile phone today. We help our partners capture the huge opportunities mobile banking offers.

cargo ship at harbor

Shipping and port operators are choosing our ICT solutions for logistics and navigation, cargo management, regulation compliance and crew welfare.

Fire brigade

Authorities need to securely connect resources, enhance situational awareness, and respond with real-time intelligence. Learn how to make it possible.

man with mobile phone

Explore how partnering with Ericsson for agile ICT will connect all stakeholders, industries and citizens to build a smart, sustainable city.

Workspace Landscape

Building owners and managers need to deploy network solutions that are adaptable and future-ready. Our LTE technology insight offers a solution.

Let's get to know each other!

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This is where you can meet the innovative people behind all of Ericsson's industries. Check out your industry's page for specific event listings.

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