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Our industrial IoT solutions add value to every sector

Through co-innovation with our partners to create IoT solutions for better business. These are just a few examples of how we co-innovate with our partners across all industries to create IoT solutions for better business models

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IoT for Increased operational efficiency

Facility service company ISS utilizes IoT sensors in their Norwegian headquarters to reduce food waste while increasing operational efficiency.

IoT for improved user experiences

IoT for improved user experiences

IoT enables deeper, customizable user experiences, including autonomous-drive cars. Volvo and Ericsson developing the technology to make it happen.


Generating new business models with IoT

Chicago O'Hare needed a billing solution take the airport from manual calculations to an IoT solution that easily manages payments for many vendors.

Making industrial IoT a reality - What are the challenges to getting started?


How to scale your business and systems to accommodate exponential growth.


How to protect your assets against a world of ever-increasing vulnerability.


How to build interoperable systems that take full potential of IoT.

Industrial IoT partnerships with Ericsson answers those challenges

Our IoT solutions for industry are already enabling 50 million smart devices globally

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The Benefits of The Ericsson IOT Accelerator

Ericsson IoT Accelerator enables industries to put data to work by providing faster development and time-to-market, deployment flexibility and global scale. Learn more about how our IoT Accelerator can empower your industry.

The Ericsson IoT Accelerator

Our IoT Accelerator offering breaks down the traditional silos encountered by businesses developing IoT solutions to provide faster development and time-to-market, deployment flexibility and global scale.


This offering includes a platform rich in functionality that allows for the creation of Proof of Concepts in days depending on the complexity. Quick creation means a quicker time-to-market for your solution, enabling operational efficiencies and cost-reduction in the development stages.


Revenues can be easily distributed between ecosystems partners. Already today we are handling transactions for 26 different services on the airport-Chicago O'Hare covering aviation, advertising and utilities!

Control and optimization

Our IoT solutions for industry leverage the Ericsson Cloud System to support hybrid cloud deployments and meet data sovereignty and security requirements.

Your IoT transformation partner

Ericsson partners with IoT app developers to maximize business potential.

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Some IoT Accelerator Cases

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The Innovation Technopark in Tunisia

To put itself at the forefront of the connected world, Tunisia’s Ministry of Communication Technologies and Digital Economy wants to empower developers and businesses to explore new opportunities by means of the Internet of Things. It chooses to strengthen local development in the innovative and entrepreneurial environment of the Elgazala Technopark. Ericsson IoT Accelerator allows developers quick creation of solutions and applications in IoT environment. Elgazala Technopark can now support developers, startups and established companies to leverage the potential of the Internet of Things.

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Public Transport in Rwanda

A Proof of Concept based on IoT Accelerator, the Connected Bus service in Kigali, Rwanda, improves public transport by enabling fast, reliable, and secure fare collection with mobile money as payment. It allows vehicle fleet management, so operators can monitor timetables, enforce compliance to traffic regulations, schedules and routes, and provide passengers with up-to-the-minute information on bus locations and journey times. The solution, deployed via the cloud, is completely managed and operated by Ericsson and local partners.

IoT technology research and insights

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No more searching for a parking spot

Combining 5G and IoT in one very practical technology to tell drivers exactly where open parking spaces are.


Cross-industry collaboration through IoT

All industries have one thing in common: everyone is undergoing a digital transformation underpinned by IoT.

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Partnerships based on trust and simplicity

Capturing the full potential of IoT for enterprise will require extensive partnerships across the connected ecosystem.

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The connected car is going beyond infotainment to software defined and autonomous vehicles. Learn more about the technology driving these innovations.

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Intelligent Transport Systems

Airports, roads, railways and public transport are all becoming part of the connected ecosystem. Discover the solutions that make ITS possible.

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Mobile Financial Services

Making it easier to send, spend and save money requires robust and reliable mobile connected solutions. Learn what it takes to make this happen.

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Public Safety

Mission critical communication requires secure, real-time connections. To make that a reality, public safety officials are turning to LTE technology.

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Smart Sustainable Cities

Managing urban areas requires cooperation from a full spectrum of stakeholders. See how a horizontal approach can connect the entire urban ecosystem.

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Commercial Real Estate

Building managers need holistic solutions to realize the potential of the Internet of Things. Find out how to get the most from connected buildings.

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