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Within 5 years, 3.5 billion things will be connected with cellular technology. And that’s not even including smartphones. It will be connected cars, robots, shipping containers, agricultural fields, traffic systems – you name it. But with great possibilities come great questions: how to bundle offerings, how to connect, how to ensure you’re really open for 5G business? That’s why we believe in collaborating, using our end-to-end capabilities and expertise to help you along the way—or, the entire way. So let’s take on IoT together!

IoT Accelerator - Moving your IoT concepts from "how?" to right now

With features like zero-touch onboarding, our IoT platform turns concepts into realities - all at the speed of now.

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Key challenges in IoT

While the potential of IoT is clear, the road forward isn’t.  We stand ready to help.


Cellular technologies are designed for reliability, security, and scalability - and provide the foundation for connecting IoT devices.


Successful deployments across the entire product lifecycle require an easy, secure and cost-effective way to manage connectivity globally.


The multi-party IoT ecosystem combined with new business models requires an agile billing engine to seize IoT opportunities.


When it comes to IoT, security requirements are unique and require holistic thinking across business models, technology, standards, and regulation.

Get the facts to help set your IoT strategy

Exploring IoT Strategies report

Insights on how telecom service providers identify multiple paths to IoT revenues and maximize their opportunities within the IoT landscape.

Industries waiting for 5G

How will large companies use 5G within their business? That's what we asked 900 decision makers across 10 key industries. Download the report here.

The guide to capturing the 5G-IoT business potential

We turned our insights into a comprehensive guide for operators on how to start their 5G-IoT business. We outline the opportunities, the challenges and the case studies that are emerging from the digitalization of industries.

Join the Ericsson IoT ecosystem

Ericsson invites application developers and service providers to join our growing IoT ecosystem in the IoT Accelerator Marketplace.

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IoT success stories

Sprint’s IoT Operating System

With Ericsson IoT technology under the hood, this innovative end-to-end solution ushers in a new standard of IoT device and data management.

SKF Smart factory

The smart manufacturing project enable Martin Friis and his team at SKF’s world-class factory to transform manufacturing by introducing fundamental changes to the way industries operate.

Built with Massive IoT opportunities

In China, we connected the world's first IoT factory-automating and streamlining production, showing the benefits that Massive IoT are worth investing in.

Our IoT solutions

Use our solutions to create real business value quicker. Whatever you need to connect and manage, we have the expertise to drive your business forward.

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IoT news and trends

Ericsson and Volvo Cars' sign 5 year agreement to continue digital services journey

Digital services are a key priority to differentiate Volvo Cars from competitors. Our Connected Vehicle Cloud product enables Volvo Cars to provide these digital services to customers in more than 120 markets.

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Mobile World Congress 2019

Join us at MWC19 in Barcelona to experience 5G and IoT innovation firsthand.

Webinar | Get a head start to offer global IoT solutions

On Demand - International and global business opportunities in IoT? Watch this webinar to learn how to solve the challenges of connectivity management.

Ericsson and PTC team up

Our IoT ecosystem has expanded to include PTC’s ThingWorx. IoT Accelerator now includes advanced tools for developing IoT applications and augmented reality (AR) experiences.