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Fixed wireless access unlocks a world of opportunity

Are you aware that up to 50% of the world’s population are still waiting for reliable broadband access? This large number of underserved households represents a profitable fixed wireless access (FWA) growth opportunity for current 3GPP operators.

FWA is a more cost-effective and efficient alternative to providing broadband in areas with limited access to fixed broadband services such as DSL, cable or fiber. Advances in radio technology gains in spectrum and demand for broadband everywhere make now the perfect time to develop your FWA offering. By delivering broadband over existing 4G mobile networks and upcoming 5G ones, network operators now have the opportunity to bridge the digital divide and win millions of new customers.

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Making fixed wireless access a reality

5G networks are now being built out, and performance and capacity gains are available to be tapped by new use cases – one of the first will be fixed wireless access.

Fixed wireless access – an economic study

Interested in the business value of FWA? In this economic study, and webinar,  we explore the business case of FWA, showing i.a. how up to 80% of FWA investments have a payback time of less than two years, and much more. 

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The FWA handbook

Our recipe for a successful and profitable FWA deployment. Download an extract here. For the full version, please contact your Ericsson contact person.

Interactive FWA Handbook Booklet (*extract)

Leveraging LTE and 5G NR networks for fixed wireless access

Globally, there is a huge underserved market for broadband connections, with more than one billion households still unconnected. The growth in high-speed mobile broadband coverage enabled by LTE and 5G New Radio is opening up much more commercially attractive opportunities for operators to use fixed wireless access to deliver broadband services to homes and small and medium-sized enterprises.

FWA makes even more business sense with the evolution to 5G

The business case for using FWA as an add-on to mobile broadband only becomes stronger as LTE advances to 5G. With the ability to use larger chunks of radio spectrum to provide improved latency and capacity, the evolution to 5G will take fixed wireless access to a whole new level.

5G Fixed Wireless Access

With the evolution to 5G, Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) offers a path to deployments on a massive scale and better services for customers.

Invest in a FWA network that utilizes existing radio network and spectrum assets

To fully grasp the potential value of FWA, you need the tools to utilize your existing network assets in the most efficient way. That’s why we’ve developed our Ericsson Radio System to be modular – to fully support your FWA deployment, with minimum initial investments. Ericsson Radio System is ready to meet future requirements in speeds and capacity growth by simply adding 5G in new bands and in existing 4G bands, dynamically assigning resources between both following the traffic demands, something only possible with the unique Ericsson Spectrum Sharing capability.


Ericsson to modernize and manage TELE-POST’s network in Greenland

Learn how Ericsson Radio System will provide Fixed Wireless Access for some of the world’s most remote residents.

Ericsson extends fixed wireless and Sky Muster™ satellite operations partnership with NBN Co

NBN Co has announced it will continue its fixed wireless and Sky Muster™ managed services partnership with Ericsson through to 2020.

Our offerings

4G evolution

Lower your cost per Gigabyte, deploy multi-Gigabit 5G ready radios and basebands, boost capacity with Massive MIMO, and address new opportunities in Fixed Wireless Access and Critical Broadband Networks. Explore Ericsson’s LTE solutions for next-generations networks.

5G Access

Switch on 5G with Ericsson Radio System. Secure a smooth, fast and agile introduction of 5G, to reduce cost per gigabyte for your mobile broadband business and enabling industry digitalization for growth.

Ericsson Radio System

Our Radio System consists of hardware and software for radio, baseband, power, enclosure, antenna and site solutions, the industry-leading MINI-LINK portfolio for microwave transmission and a fully integrated IP Router portfolio, all managed by a common management system.