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Bringing innovative ideas to life at Ericsson Garage

Ericsson Garage is an open innovation platform, inspired by lean startup methodology. We work with short development cycles in close dialog with customers, users and partners, learning and pivoting fast with each new iteration of a minimum viable product to ensure the final version fulfils actual customer needs and pain points.

As a corporate incubator, Ericsson Garage provides a platform and a much-needed space for the innovation community. This open model ensures maximum cross-pollination of new thinking, plus provides an inspirational opportunity for anyone in the company to bring about real, fast-paced , innovative change. At Ericsson Garage we build innovative partnerships with customers and academia, support startups and accelerate ideas for Ericsson employees. Read more about our four different ways of working.

Our innovation portfolio

Ericsson Garage works with both internal and external incubator projects to create never-before-seen solutions to real industry and society problems. With sites all around the world, our incubator projects are all co-created with external industry...

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Innovation partner - co-creating with our customers

We use service design thinking and lean startup methodologies to rapidly design new solutions, together with our customers. This allows us to explore, test and deploy applications for 5G and IoT together with operators and industry partners, anchored on real pain-points and rapid incubation.

Ericsson Garage Global startup incubator program 2018

Ericsson Garage has an incubator program for promising startups that want to take their business to the next level and collaborate with leaders within research and development of tomorrow's innovations.

Research partnership with Academia

Ericsson Garage works with universities to support both student projects and innovative teams with technical and business coaching. Read more about how you can get involved in your region.

The latest from the Ericsson Garage

Using microwaves to power IoT devices

By 2023, there will be 20 billion connected IoT devices, according to the Ericsson Mobility Report. But what will power these billions of IoT devices? The old ways aren't a complete answer.

Ericsson Garage meets Mobile World Congress

For the first time in the history of Ericsson Garage, we are at MWC! It's so exciting to meet service providers, industry partners, startups and incubators to discuss how we can shape the future and innovate together.

How can green fintech help save the planet?

Exclusive guest post from Ericsson Garage startup challenge winner hiveonline. Read more on the The Big Ideas Blog.

Meet the finalists on the Ericsson Garage Startup Challenge

In front of a live Dragon's Den in the Ericsson Studio, Hiveonline won over a judge's panel that included Ericsson's CEO, Börje Ekholm, with its financial trust platform for small businesses.

Growing recognition of Electricity initiative

Electricity is a unique, award-winning, initiative to demonstrate next generation public transport for smart cities. Ericsson Garage is driving the digital agenda of the project.

Technology incubator fuels startup innovation

For our tech incubator, Ericsson Garage, the recent TM Forum was about finding new value streams in a rapidly digitizing world.

Ericsson Garage global platform

The Ericsson Garage in Kista, Sweden is where it all started, but in order for innovation to benefit humanity as a whole, ground-breaking ideas need a space to flourish in every corner of the planet. 

Ericsson Garage world map