Circuit Switching

    With traditional telephony still serving as an important source of revenue for operators, our modern and competitive circuit-switching portfolio helps ensure networks remain profitable.

    Operators across the world face a dilemma in relation to traditional telephony: knowing it remains a major source of revenue while struggling with increasing costs as networks age and require maintenance.

    Our circuit-switching portfolio, consisting of AXE Enabler 1.0 (core) and Access Ramp (access), provides you with a reliable solution to cost-effectively modernize your legacy network.  

    The result of 30 years of constant research and development, AXE has evolved into a very cost-effective and reliable solution, based on modern hardware (AXE 810) that serves both fixed and mobile networks.

    AXE is the world’s most-deployed switching system, installed by both fixed and mobile operators.


    AXE Enabler 1.0

    AXE Enabler 1.0 for fixed circuit-switched networks enables a wide range of revenue-generating telephony features for consumers and business users.

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