Our global team of experts offer fast and accurate captioning (subtitling) for pre-recorded, as well as live content. We produce captions to fulfil the full range of regulatory requirements, irrespective of where on the globe your content is to be broadcast.

OVERVIEW – Captioning

Captioning/Subtitling: Pre-recorded and Live

Our global team of experts provide fast and precise captioning (subtitling) for pre-recorded and live content. Our live captioning service covers the full range of business cases, from news and sports to any other live event imaginable, with accuracy levels consistently in excess of 98%. For pre-recorded content, we create the file captions in advance and deliver them to the Playout suites on your behalf. We produce captions to fulfil the full range of regulatory requirements, irrespective of where on the globe your content is to be broadcast.

Lectures and (Tele)conferences

In addition to publicly broadcast content, our captions can also optimise your internal communications and significantly enhance access at conferences (video or teleconferences) and lectures.

Business Challenges

Regulatory Compliance

Now that international limits on content distribution are crumbling, broadcasters need to manage a range of different regulatory access requirements. Making sure that these requirements are met – and exceeded – requires a high level of market vigilance.

Viewer Expectations

As we move toward a fully Networked Society, viewer expectations for accuracy, uptime and speed are becoming more and more demanding. Providing captioning that exceeds these expectations is essential to customer retention.

Access to Skills

Producing fast, accurate and responsive captioning for content that’s set to be broadcast to multiple markets demands a global network of accredited and highly experienced captioning experts and resources. Building such a resource base in-house represents an overwhelming capital expenditure, even for large broadcasters.


Speed is vital, and not only when it comes to exceeding viewers’ expectations. As an integral part of the Playout process, it’s essential that captioning functions well and functions fast; time after time.

Deploying Captions in Other Areas

Time-coded to the video asset, captions constitute the richest possible form of metadata. This opens up impressive opportunities for achiving, logging and video editing. Crucially, captions can then be deployed as a powerful part of Content Discovery.

The Ericsson Difference

Service Integration

Because we make use of an extensive range of broadcaster schedules, newsroom running orders, scripts and internally developed software, we’re ideally placed to offer a high level of service integration. Our secure hubs store your captions with timing, programming and running metadata, enabling you to employ them beyond the realm of Access.

Built for Purpose Captioning Platform

Our captioning platform was designed and built for purpose by Ericsson’s global team of engineers. It features high quality, low latency speech recognition and is back-ended by a highly resilient database server.

Flexible and Integrated Global Operation

Our captioning services are delivered by a global team of experts, spread over six countries. On top of our five offices and sixty homeworkers in the UK, we also have offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Paris, Berlin, Seville and the Netherlands. The depth and breadth of our captioning service is unbeatable; we’re uniquely placed to respond flexibly to a wide range of regulatory environments.

A Proven Track-Record

As one of the longest-established players in the Access field, we’re able to inspire an unparalleled level of trust in our clients, irrespective of the size or complexity of the captioning task. Our captioning service consistently exceeds 99.8% uptime with our live captioning service consistently exceeding 98% accuracy.

Roadmap to Innovation

We don’t yet believe that Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) is of a sufficient quality to deliver live captions. However, Ericsson is closely collaborating with academic bodies and industry experts to ensure that we are poised to deploy ASR for captioning as effectively as possible once its robustness and accuracy have been proven.

Key Service Facts

We create over 200,000 hours of captioning globally each year, of which 80,000 are live

We caption three 24 hour news channels in Australia and the UK

We consistently achieve live accuracy levels above the required 98%

We launched our proprietary live captioning platform in 2013

Our service consistently meets the required minimum 99.8% uptime requirement

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