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In focus: The AI powered future

Consumer trend: Artificial shoppers

Will personal AI assistants bring about the end of advertising? 75% of the respondents predict AI shopping assistants that screen out advertisements.

Consumer trend: Empower-less employees

AI may boost your work performance but also strip it of meaning. 67% believe that AI will be necessary to get good job positions.

Consumer trend: Sentient screenplays

AI cloned friends set to appear in your generatively created movies. 68% foresee the ability to AI clone their friends to be part of their stories.

Consumer trend: Human digital twins

Nothing left to chance - AI reduces uncertainty by simulating anything in daily life. 50% think people will simulate their marriages for future changes or divorce. 

Ericsson named a 2023 CDP Supplier Engagement Leader

This recognizes our efforts to measure and reduce climate risk in the supply chain.

Supply chain engagement is one of our key goals, and progress is tracked in the Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility report. Read the report for more information on the goal and progress.

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5G: made for innovation.
With unprecedented speed and flexibility, our 5G carries more data with greater responsiveness and reliability than ever before.


Global connectivity simplified.
Enabling enterprises all around the world to deploy, manage and scale their IoT business from a unified platform.

Telecom AI

Tailormade intelligence.
Step into a world of smarter networks, delivering tomorrow’s business opportunities.

Edge computing

Key to 5G success.
Explore a new world of opportunities and how you can gain an edge.