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A time to skill

The impact of technology on education, inclusion and work.

What is 5G wireless access?

Capabilities, components, spectrum – get the overview.

Telia Company launches Ericsson-powered commercial 5G in Sweden

Ericsson now has 39 live 5G networks in 22 countries.

This is how 5G for public safety could save lives

A key factor for successful emergency operations is reliable communication.

Do you know what the network can do for you?

We explore smart industries, intelligent transport, immersive gaming and more.

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How can AI and data science help to fight the coronavirus?

The COVID-19 Open Research Dataset Challenge is building crucial data.

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The 5G Switch made easy

Secure successful deployment and unlock the full potential of 5G.


Let's take on IoT together

To help you realize the full potential of IoT our intelligent tools make it easy to connect and deploy devices across global ecosystems.

AI & Automation

Towards zero-touch

Embracing AI to engineer intelligence in the networks, enabling continuous learning.


Telecom security for a connected world

Your network security plays a critical role in safeguarding our connected societies. Here is how.