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Latest from #EricssonMWC 2024

Press releases


Ericsson at MWC 2024: what to expect

We’re back at the world’s most influential connectivity event! See our speakers, program and key topics. 

New launch: Fuel innovation with service orchestration and assurance

Deliver the service intent in differentiated connectivity at scale.

New launch: Enhanced portfolio focused on performance, sustainability and Open RAN

We are taking a new leap in technology, adding extensive enhancements to our radio, transport and antenna portfolio with 12 new hardware and software solutions.

Latest report: Capturing the 5G FWA opportunity: A household view

In our latest ConsumerLab report, we deep dive into what the household thinks about Fixed Wireless Access.

Latest report: Ericsson Mobility Report, Business Review 2024

Four distinct business horizons are emerging in the mobile industry. This edition of the Ericsson Mobility Report includes the latest insights and findings from different service providers covering activities across all four horizons.

Beyond the buzzwords

Our Ericsson experts are here to share the latest updates and their insights on some of our industries most critical topics, such as 5G monetization, Open RAN, Personalized experiences, 6G, 5G for enterprise, Immersive experiences (AR/XR) and the API economy. It's time to go beyond the buzzwords and get straight to the point.

See our take on Open RAN here, or go see all of the topics.

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In focus

The importance of ICT in society

Ericsson Technology Review and 100 years of innovation.

The network platform is redefining telecom – here’s how

We need to redefine how the telecom industry deliver and captures value. 

How technological advances are strengthening supply chains

Technological advances are now reengineering manufacturing and enabling reshoring with flexible value chains and a more reliable, agile, and sustainable business.

How to boost AI-driven network optimization?

Explainable AI is the answer.

Digital transformation of industries to enable Net Zero

Decarbonizing industries is vital if we are going to keep global average temperature 1.5°C above preindustrial levels. Ericsson Research has shown that by 2030 digital technologies could reduce greenhouse gas emissions across industries by 15 percent. ​

Our new report details how Ericsson is supporting multiple sectors decarbonize through the power of connectivity solutions.

Download report here


5G: made for innovation.
With unprecedented speed and flexibility, our 5G carries more data with greater responsiveness and reliability than ever before.

Discover Ericsson 5G. 


Global connectivity simplified.
Enabling enterprises all around the world to deploy, manage and scale their IoT business from a unified platform.

Telecom AI

Tailormade intelligence.
Step into a world of smarter networks, delivering tomorrow’s business opportunities.

Edge computing

Key to 5G success.
Explore a new world of opportunities and how you can gain an edge.