Cookies on and just about all other websites use cookies to improve the way they work for visitors. Here at, you decide whether you want to accept cookies or not. So here’s some information on cookies, what they do and how we use them.

Cookies are small text files that websites store on your computer, mobile device or tablet, for varying lengths of time. They are used to improve your browser experience, for statistical analysis, to provide advanced functions, to simplify logging in and personalization, and – though not here at – for providing targeted advertising.

At, we use cookies to compile statistics and analyze how people use our website, and to provide functionality that makes the site easier and better to use. The cookies in this second category provide features such as the latest five ideas in our blogs, or expanding or collapsing a menu. Unless you are logging in (for example to comment on a blog post), the cookies here are never used to identify you personally. And we do not use cookies to target advertising.

Cookies are often divided into three different types. None of them have chocolate chips. Some, called session cookies, only last until you leave the website – what is called the end of your browser session. These include the cookies that expand and collapse menus, make the Ericsson font appear properly on your screen, and let the latest five ideas appear in the menu on our Networked Society blog.

Other cookies are stored longer in your computer. These “persistent” cookies can last for different lengths of time. Some last 30 minutes, some for a few months, and some last for years. These ones are used for statistics and analysis.

At, these persistent cookies come from other companies that we work with, and provide statistics that we can analyze to make our website better. When we can see that a particular article or film is more popular than others, for example, we know what sort of content our visitors want to see. The cookies from other companies are referred to as third-party cookies; the third-party cookies on come from Google Analytics, WebTrends and Akamai.

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You decide how you use cookies, by adjusting the settings on your browser. If you disable or delete all cookies, you will not have access to all the functionality on the site. Most popular browsers allow you to refuse all cookies, to accept them only from trusted sites, or to accept cookies from the websites you are using at any particular time. In most browsers, you can find these settings under “Options” or “Preferences” or under the spanner symbol.

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