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Le Blog Ericsson France

Retrouvez sur ce blog l’actualité d’Ericsson et des avis d’experts.

Ericsson Broadcast Services

Ericsson Broadcast Services, spécialiste de la diffusion de contenus

A travers son activité Broadcast Services, Ericsson accompagne ses clients pour faire face aux nouveaux modes de consommation des contenus.

Ericsson IT Solutions & Services

Ericsson IT Solutions & Services se renforce en France

Avec le récent rachat de Devoteam Telecom et Media, Ericsson a pris un nouveau virage stratégique et a élargi ses compétences dans le secteur de l’IT.

Michael Howard

Infonetics’ Michael Howard shares his view on NFV

Michael Howard, Senior Research Director Carrier Networks, Infonetics Research shares his view on key drivers for operators to implement NFV.

Håkan Djuphammar

Open for the future - NFV for the Networked Society

To stay relevant in the new digital economy, where everyone and everything in society is connected to a network, Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) will help speed up the entry of new services as well as improve the efficiency of how networks are built and operated.

Increased agility to spark better customer experience

Increased agility to spark better customer experience

Spark New Zealand has taken the first big step on their transformational journey to become a more agile, customer-focused enterprise with the launch of an Ericsson-powered "Smart Prepaid" plan.