About NEST

Ericsson firmly believes that Information and Communication Technology (ICT) brings benefits to people, business and society. We’re in the middle of the networked society. What we do affects everything around us. We’re shaping lives and shaping worlds.

NEST – The Networked Society Forum brings together the world’s biggest hearts and minds, applying our combined powers to discuss and tackle topics of vital interest to society today. Hosted by Ericsson, the NEST Forum is an incubator for new ideas and solutions on how to leverage the power of ICT to help benefit people, business and society around the world.


NEST in Hong Kong 2011

At NEST – The Networked Society Forum in Hong Kong on November 11-13, 2011, ICT leaders, world-renowned professors, global experts, politicians and inspirational thought leaders gather to discuss how their industry can make a meaningful contribution to people, business and society around the world. Under the umbrella of a single theme – Learning for Everyone, Everywhere – the inaugural NEST Forum in Hong Kong aims to address critical issues concerning the future of ICT and learning. The Forum consists of a series of debates and discussions among industry leaders concerning one of the most pressing issues of our time. The thoughts and solutions that arise from these roundtable discussions are a matter that concerns us all.