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NEST - The Networked Society Forum in Hong Kong turned out to be an intense eye-opener for all. Follow the ongoing highlights to see where the conversation leads next.

The 36 hours of the inaugural NEST Forum continue to provide food for discussion. Check here for the latest highlights as they unfold.


Following the NEST Forum on the topic of the Information and Communication Technology's impact on education, leaders from business, public policy, and educators are inspired to keep up the discussions.

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A truly global gathering with representatives from over 20 countries took part in the inaugural NEST – The Networked Society Forum in Hong Kong on November 11-13. Each of the Forum’s participants was carefully selected, representing a broad range of social sectors that have the combined power to bring a positive and lasting change to millions of people.

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Discussion Leaders

Leading economist and Columbia University Professor Jeffrey Sachs lends his unique insights into the challenges and possibilities of overcoming educational hurdles in global development.
During the inaugural NEST Forum, President Bill Clinton shared his views on the power of creative networks of innovation to empower learning and education in the 21st Century.
Hong Kong-based journalist Lorraine Hahn served as the moderator for on-stage discussions at the inaugural NEST Forum.
Under the discussion theme, Redefining Education, British MP David Miliband shared his thoughts on the evolution - and revolutions - within the field of education.
Professor Mitra's groundbreaking research on new technology-enabled learning methods has earned him a reputation as a leading scholar in the field of Minimally Invasive Education - a theme he explored at NEST 2011.