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Ericsson’s vision for innovation with Maya Strelar-Migotti

Maya Strelar-Migotti

How is innovation important to emerging technologies in today’s telecom industry? Ericsson’s Head of Development Unit IP & Broadband, Maya Strelar-Migotti, shares how the power of innovation is helping to shape the networks of the future through Ericsson’s diverse worldwide community. Also, as a highly recognized female leader in the industry, Maya discusses the growth of the women in the technological workplace.

Beyond the Flat Rate: New Telecom Business Models with Light Reading's Phil Harvey

Phil Harvey

Phil Harvey, editor-in-chief of Light Reading, shares his unique insights about the telecom industry regarding shifting business models as companies adapt to an ever increasing demand for bandwidth from consumers. How can technology enhance the end user's quality of experience? Phil looks at the issues from an industry perspective while keeping a pulse on how consumers will react.

Ericsson’s Vision for 4th Generation IP Networking with Georges Antoun

Georges Antoun

Georges Antoun, Head of Product Area IP and Broadband Network, shares Ericsson’s exciting vision for 4th generation IP with the announcement of a dynamic new portfolio and strategy based on Ericsson’s unique SSR (Smart Services Router) platform. Hear how Ericsson plans to tackle the enormous challenge of connecting an estimated 50 billion devices by 2020, along with your IP Talk Radio host, Matthew Smith.

Convergence: The Future of IP Networking, with Ericsson Group CTO Håkan Eriksson

Håkan Eriksson

How will IP networks look in 2020? In the coming years, network operators will face significant challenges in adapting to the vast scale of devices and traffic (especially video) that heightens the challenge for network operators to remain successful. Join IP Talk Radio host Matthew Smith and Ericsson Group CTO Håkan Eriksson in this new podcast for an enlightening discussion of convergence and the resulting changes in the market.