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Norwegian Polarian Institute

Device helps researchers track polar bears more accurately.

Maersk Line

Today, over 90 percent of all cargo is delivered by sea, and Maersk Line is leading the industry with the largest fleet of cargo ships. Connectivity optimizes the efficiency of cargo shipping fleet.

Ericsson Radio Dot

Verizon first in the US with Ericsson Radio Dot System

Ericsson Radio Dot System installed at Verizon regional headquarters building in Metro Detroit.

Mobile World Congress 2015

Ericsson to showcase solutions that advance digital experiences at MWC 2015

A wide array of the world-leading technologies and solutions that enable the Networked Society will be demonstrated in Barcelona.

Ericsson Mobility Report

Mobile data traffic dominated by top five apps: Ericsson Mobility Report

Findings reveal the top five apps in a given country dominate in terms of mobile traffic generated on smart devices.

Ericsson takes seat on ONOS board

Ericsson takes seat on ONOS board

Ericsson is taking a seat on the board of ONOS, the collaborative industry project aimed at creating SDN solutions for the service provider community.